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David Gallegos in the heart of nuevo flamenco

I am very proud to present you a friend of mine, David Gallegos, an American guitarist and composer, who is considered amongst the most important guitarists of nuevo flamenco today. He has kindly released this interview for his Italian and European fans, which we hope will soon be able to enjoy his presence on a tour.

David, I’ m so happy to introduce you to the Italian public. Could you tell us a bit about you. Where are you from? Tell us about your family? Tell us about the things you love besides music?
Thanks so much Valerija, this is an absolute honor and I am excited to be able to reach the Italian public... which is kind of ironic as I will explain shortly. As for my background; I’m originally from San Antonio, Texas USA. I spent my entire childhood & teenage years growing up there before moving to Los Angeles, California at the age of 21. I spent 2 years there before finding my way back to San Antonio for another several years. In 2005 I decided to make another move to Dallas, Texas, where I currently reside now with my wife & son. I met Lisa about 4 years ago, and almost immediately realized she was the one for me… so during a performance on Valentine’s day, I proposed to her, and she graciously said “yes”. Along with her son Tyler, we became a happy family later that year. We’ve been married for almost 3 years now. They are the true love of my life, and my music is a reflection of that love. Of course, when I’m not writing, recording, performing, or just fooling around with my guitar I love working with wood, and attempting to build things. I’m also an aquatics hobbyist as I have several large aquariums with African Cichlids. I love fish, and just watching them interact with each other. It’s such a peaceful and relaxing experience.

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You play the acoustic guitar and compose songs that you define “latin new age / nuevo flamenco style”. Can you tell us how you came to this wonderful sound? Tell us about you artistic career.
Well, I originally started out as a heavy metal guitarist and played for a progressive metal band called Power of Omens… as I mentioned earlier, the irony about exposing my acoustic music to the Italian public, is that I originally got my break in Italy. My band’s first record label, was with an Italian label called Elevate Records (which is no longer in business). They released our music in Italy with worldwide distribution. So really, it were the Italians that gave me my first musical break. During my time in Power of Omens, I started experimenting with the Spanish guitar sound, and incorporated it into our music. Over the years, the fans loved it and would ask if I would ever release a CD of just this style of music. So one day, I decided, “Why not?” That’s when I began composing the songs for my first CD, Mis Recuerdos. I’ve always had an affinity for the Spanish guitar… the romance behind it, the beautiful melodies, the passion. I immediately fell in love with the style. Of course, it was years later that I realized what true flamenco was.

From Jesse Cook, Ottmar Liebert and the other BIG, including David Gallegos

Who had the influence on you, musically speaking? Who are the artists you listen willingly?
As for the artists that have inspired me in this genre, I would have to say my biggest influence is Jesse Cook. I first heard his song, “Gypsy” on a compilation CD called Gypsy Passion. That song mesmerized me… I soon found myself looking for his complete CD collection. To this day, I continue to follow and find inspiration in his music. Of course, I listen to other artists as well… Ottmar Liebert, Strunz & Farah, Oscar Lopez, Incendio, Jim Stubblefield, Stephen Duros, Lara & Reyes, Al Di Meola, then eventually began to appreciate the works of  Paco de Lucia, Vicente Amigo, and most recently Vahagni. These are the primary artists I listen to and draw inspiration from in this genre.

‘Mis Recuerdos’, the first album

Your discography consists of two albums. Let’s start from the first, “Mis Recuerdos”, 2004. Why this title? What memories are those? Tell us more about the songs.
Well, as both of my CDs were the results of broken hearts, I would have to say the CD that started it all was about an ex girlfriend. Many of the songs on there were mostly about her, and my memories of her. Which is where the title comes from. There were reasons beyond our control that would not allow us to stay together… and it was a very emotional time for me trying to deal with the loss of our relationship. So each song was a journey through the pain of remembering what I was losing… a roller coaster of emotions so to speak. As I recorded each song, I attempted to pour my feelings into the music as a part of the healing process in letting go. It was very hard to record that CD, but I look back and am very proud of what I released.

In the first album I’ve noticed a song “Through the Hands of Time”. Is this album your only album with lyrics or are there others? How did you write this song? It is a beautiful song, can you tell me more about it.
Well, this CD has 2 songs on it that has lyrics… and I’ll be the first to say that I’m not a lyricist… LOL!! But as an instrumental guitarist, you can only convey so much to the listener through melodies… people tend to create their own stories and adventures through your music. As an artist, I felt like I had something of my own that needed to be said… so I decided to write 2 songs that featured vocalist, Michelle Loose of the progressive rock band Brave. Through the Hands of Time, is actually about how me and my ex met, and a trip down memory lane… the song is a reflection of how everything started between us. The other song entitled, “Falling” is more of how things ended between us, and how our falling apart affected me at that time, and the questions that filled my head. It was a pretty sad song… in fact, a lot of that CD was pretty sad.

‘Mi rosa blanca’, the second album

The second album, “Mi rosa blanca” in 2009. How was this album born? Where did you find your inspiration? All your songs are deeply emotional. Please tell me what this album is about?
Once again about another ex girlfriend… LOL!! Yeah, it almost makes me seem like I always had bad luck with the ladies. I was just another sad sap who wore his heart on his sleeve… LOL!!
Anyway, Mi Rosa Blanca, is a title born on how I saw her… she was my white rose. Once again, all of the songs were born out of inspiration of our relationship. The good times, the bad times. The CD was therapy for me letting go and moving onto a new chapter in my life. Once again, a reflection of what we endured, and all of the passion & emotion we went through, and this was my way of saying good-bye.

The third album in arrival

You preparing a new album? Right timing, if we look the time distance between the first and the second album.
I am, at the moment, preparing for a new CD. The timing between CDs, although almost ironic, was never intentional. Because I’m not signed to any label, I have to fund each project on my own…. Plus finding the inspiration is never easy. It’s not something that you can force when you want it to come from the heart. This new CD, I was hoping to have it finished and released much sooner, but due to health complications, I’ve had to take a step back for the last couple of years, and focus more on myself and regaining my health than on music.

I noticed you do a lot of concerts. Who is your audience mainly?
When it comes to performing, I really love getting out in front of the public and playing my guitar. It’s such a release, and a high that’s hard to explain. When I’m performing, I forget about all of my problems and I feel like I’m on top of the world. A lot of my audience is a decent mix of different types of people. I would have to say though, that a majority of them are fairly older, more matured, refined wine enthusiasts… people who really enjoy sitting in a wine bar, vineyard, or nice restaurant, enjoying their glass of wine, and taking in the music and ambiance of the venue. Of course, it always depends on the venue as well, and their typical crowd draw. It almost seems that I’m always picking up new fans with every performance… so the diversity has grown throughout the years.

You have fans also here in Europe. Would you like to come for the concerts?
It would be a dream come true to perform in Europe!!! Sometimes, being from the states, I don’t always notice how my music has crossed international boundaries, and it simply amazes me when I hear from fans that are from Europe, Japan, Australia, and even South America. It’s times like this, I wish I had the finances or the backing to tour the world, and visit all of these places, and bring my music to the people who have been supporting me throughout the years. I still dream that one day that will happen.

Where would you like to have a concert?
My entire musical life, I have always wanted to come to Europe and play… from Spain & Greece, to Germany, Italy, there are so many countries I would love to perform for… hopefully one day.

Music of passion and desire

Have you been in Italy? Which song would you dedicate to your fans in Europe?
Unfortunately, I have never been out of the United States other than to Mexico. So a trip to Italy is definitely on my list of things to do before my days on this beautiful earth expire. Playing there would only make it that much better! As far as a song I’d like to dedicate to Europe… I would have to say “Lost to your Passion” from my 1st CD Mis Recuerdos…. Because it’s the passion and desire that I have for visiting Europe, that I have romanticized in my head for years, that would totally lose me in euphoria. 😉

Tell us your dream, what would you like for yourself? This is something I always ask the artists, about their secret dreams. Tell us yours?
Well, my dreams have always remained the same throughout the years. To find wealth in love, health, and finances… and life in general. As well as to find success as a musician on a world wide scale, and to be able to travel and perform all over the world. Much of this I have already achieved. I have a very beautiful family, whom I adore and love with all of my heart. I have wonderful parents, siblings, and relatives, as well as an amazing group of friends. I feel I’ve achieved the 1st half of my list… and now need to work on the 2nd half. As for the music, I feel I’ve achieved some success as well, in building a diverse international fan base. Now, if I could only travel the world to meet and perform for all of them. 😉

Thanks for the interview and I hope to see you soon for gigs here.
Thank you! I truly appreciate this opportunity Val… and I hope I do get the chance to perform for you in person someday soon!

Thank you David, it is going to be a great honour for me!

Valerija Brkljac

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