Marketing for Musicians

Marketing for Musicians


Marketing for Musicians, Done for You!

WebMetropolis Records offers this Marketing “Done For You” deal for musicians and bands. Here is what this marketing deal covers:

1) WebSite – we will create your website if you don’t have one. If yes, we will do the corrections.

2) Social Media Publishing Package – we publish on social networks for you on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

3) Social Media Followers Growth Package – grow fast your followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

3) Video submission – we will submit your videos to the TOP submission and traffic sites.

4) Distribution – we will distribute your single, album and video to 200 major stores and streaming platforms. You keep 100% of the profit!

5) Branding – thanks to our experience you will get a significant and differentiated presence in your market. We will help you to define your best visual and verbal communication and plan your work in order to be consistent and establish a good relationship with your audience.

6) Digital Strategies – each Social platform is different and requires a different way of working. Once we know what is your Objective, we do the analysis of your strong points and define what you want to achieve, we define our strategies, how to achieve the Objective, and we define the things we will do, the tactics. 

7) More – the six points are just the basic part of our work. For the complete deal please contact us. It depends on artists’ needs and their actual career state.

For whom is it meant?

It is for talented musicians and bands, with determination to become the star, who want to invest in their careers properly and are ready to work hard to achieve the Objectives. For professionals and semi-professionals.

For whom it is not

For those who do not believe in themselves, however, those who believe that all on the web is for free. Amateurs and hobbyists. 

If you are interested, contact us:

The number of artists for this deal is limited as we are still one small structure and as we want to dedicate all our forces to help artists to reach their goals and objectives, we can dedicate to the limited number of artists. Our mission is to find the best solutions and gain the best results for the musicians we are working with on their Success Journey.

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