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Strategy Sessions by WebMetropolis

Schedule your online Strategy Session with our Strategist and team leader Valerija Brkljac and get a FREE analysis of your work done by now, your planning, activities, timeframes, and resources. Our goal is to help you, ARTISTS, win your obstacles and to provide you with Do-It-Yourself Guide. How will we do it?

1. We’ll explore what you have done by now
2. We’ll discuss what you intend to achieve in 2017
3. We’ll give you concrete step-by-step recommendations

The time span of our sessions is 15 minutes, 30 minutes and one-hour. If you are at the beginning we suggest you choose 15 minutes session. If you are doing works of your own, indipendent, but still do not have the clear ideas, we suggest you the 30 minutes session. If you are already on a higher level, but facing problems with the Website, Social media, Positioning and Branding, we suggest you the one-hour session.

There is no charge for the call, it’s totally FREE. If by the end of our session we are interested in further conversation, we’ll formulate for you the Action Plan. It will be tailored for you to direct the specific Actionable Steps through Social Media.

Let’s schedule our Strategy session

Choose the option that suits your needs and click on the title to proceed with scheduling.
Nota bene – we can talk in English, Italian, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian.

Big things often have small beginnings

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