Rain Delay released Selenophilia CD

Posted on 26 June 2017   News, Releases, WebMetropolis Records

RAIN DELAY, Selenophilia is on CD now

RAIN DELAY is the metal band from Belgrade, Serbia, with five albums released by now. The latest album, Selenophilia, is the third and the last part of the trilogy, started with SLUMBER RECON, released in 2011, the second was OF BLOOD-RED and GOLD, released in 2015, and SELENOPHILIA, released in 2016.
We have decided for this interesting journey together after listening to their first three albums, discovering their incredible quality compared even to the world’s metal scene and its high standards. We were convinced that very same moment how this band, founded and guided by Dusan Pesic (songwriter, singer and guitarist), may sign the best pages of metal music (progressive/ doom/ death metal) in general. Yes, we have placed a great trust in them, but the three albums of the trilogy, that are in front of your eyes (see the links below the video), will confirm also your great expectations.

The last two albums are released for WebMetropolis Records, our label situated in Milan, Italy.


All of you who manage to get SELENOPHILIA in CD or in Digital become eligible for merchandise gifts: caps, T-shirts and different other gadgets that we are preparing for the faithful fans of RAIN DELAY.
How to order: Just insert your name and email clicking on the button and we will send you the mail with the instructions based on your country. Simple as that!



RAIN DELAY, Dorcol Late Recon (Official Video)

The best way to enter into the spirit of this album is to start from the song “Dorćol Late Recon” (here is the Official Video), the 4th track of the album. If you want to know more about the album SELENOPHILIA, feel free to read the nice article written by Nebojša Lakić for the SERBIAN METAL portal.

“Songs are generally characterized by a dreamy, “night” atmosphere, fierce death / doom parts shifting with acoustic, gentle passages, and this is what Rain Delay has mastered for years and which is undoubtedly the main feature and trademark of this group. The songs are also melodious in the strongest moments, and each of them is mature, diverse and carefully elaborated to the smallest detail.” Nebojša Lakić for the SERBIAN METAL portal.

The Trilogy

On Bandcamp, you can find all five albums of RAIN DELAY. The last album is a part of the trilogy composed of: SLUMBER RECON – free download – (7/7/2011), OF BLOOD-RED AND GOLD (14/2/2015) and SELENOPHILIA (1/10/2016).

Your SELENOPHILIA in Digital

While the physical album you can touch and keep in your hands, read the “libretto”, and preserve it in your collection, the digital album is totally another story. However, the comfort plays an important role in case you prefer to have your favorite music “in your pocket”.

Your SELENOPHILIA in digital

If you prefer SELENOPHILIA in DIGITAL, please  CLICK on the IMAGE to get the album now. Remember that you become eligible for RAIN DELAY’s merchandise gifts with digital edition too! Don’r forget to SHARE with friends!

Rain Delay - Selenophilia

To purchase digital edition of Selenophilia please click on image



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