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The interview with the band RAIN DELAY has been made by YOSHIRO HAMAZAKI, from the RocketNews24, Japan.



The title of one song

RN24: The song “Shiseido” seems to be a very weird song for us Japanese. Why is the title of the song „Shiseido”? Shiseido is a Japanese cosmetic brand. Did you know that and have you used them?

Dušan: First of all, let me just say that Rain Delay is a band that makes conceptual albums, so therefore it will be hard to explain everything in detail, but I will do my best. So, the main female character in all of Rain Delay’s music is a half-Japanese girl named Selena Shiseido (as Shiseido is also a Japanese surname), the character based on a real person, my fiancée Mina. The reason I made her be half-Japanese, is not only because of her petite frame and/or vibrant persona but also because of her strong, almost obsessive work ethics, that us Europeans somewhat stereotypically consider as the main virtue of all the Japanese people. Mina loves Shiseido cosmetics, she considers it a top quality brand, yet a really expensive one. One of my first presents for her was, in fact, a Shiseido lip gloss. I realize it sounds a little weird, but now you know how strange, yet awesome at the same time, it felt for many of us Europeans when we’ve first encountered bands like Babymetal, Ladybaby, or even Yousei Teikoku…

Shiseido lyrics

RN24: The lyrics for Shiseido don’t make sense at all in Japanese. What are the real meanings of the lyrics? Or is there no meaning?

Dušan: There is a whole story to it. It is written as a dialogue between Selena and myself. In the first part of the song, I tell her that I will take her to see „that postponed air-show“, that I will take her to Venice and Nice, teach her Goshin Jujutsu… Her segment of lyrics, originally written in English, would exactly be:
„We’ve just watched Zeitgeist and you want us to roam free?
And what about our secret lives?
Promise me that you will protect yourself
as much as you protect me.”
She is worried about our future, and the future of the whole world itself, and I am there to protect her and assure her that everything’s right.
BTW The lyrics in Japanese goes like this:


RN24: In the lyrics there is “scream part” saying “Zeitgeist” in German. What did you mean by this?

Dušan: It is a reference to „Zeitgest, the Movie“. A documentary that made virtually all of us deeply concerned about the world we live in.

Rain Delay

Singing in Japanese

RN24: The female singer Bojana Milosavljević a.k.a. Bianca sings in very fluent Japanese. Does she actually speak Japanese?

Dušan: Neither one of us, unfortunately, speaks Japanese. As mentioned earlier, those lyrics were originally written in English. Bianca, who is portraying the role of Selena Shiseido in both the song and the video, asked her friend Nenad Trailov (who graduated the Japanese language in the University of Belgrade) to translate those lyrics for us. The Japanese lyrics were initially intended solely for that fervent and furious thrash metal section of the song (fast pace yelling, Melt Banana style), but they soon kinda spread to the whole song and became its trademark.

Kyoto Daylight Recon

RN24: The other song “Kyoto Daylight Recon” has Japanese words on the lyrics as well. What is the meaning behind them?

Dušan: „Kyoto Daylight Recon“ is so complex… The Japanese lyrics section is actually a dream sequence of the song where my still unborn daughter appears to me singing some eerie melody. It was an actual dream that I had, depicted in the song as it really was. She calls me „Dad?“ ( 父 ) and I respond by addressing her by the name „Siena“, which resembles Selena and is a direct reference to her mother-to-be. Then she sings something like „We hovered.“ ( 僕らをさまよわ ) Later, I realized that those lines are a part of the lyrics from the song „Shiseido“ that I frequently listened the previous day by using Google translate pronouncing device, and so it kinda stuck in my head, played with my subconsciousness, and thus created a weird dream. That particular dream summarized all of my fears of that time. BTW The role of Siena Shiseido has been portrayed by my dear friend Jelena Icić, from the band Vranorod.

Toni: … I must add that nowadays when we do LIVE show, that role is performed by a beautiful girl named Gordana Georgijević.

How about friends?

RN24: Have any of the members been to Japan? Do you have any Japanese friends? What do you think of Japan?

Toni: Japan, it’s culture, history and the land itself has influenced my art more than anything, so naturally, one of my life goals is to visit Japan in search of inspiration, or maybe even the opportunity to live there as an artist. Unfortunately, that goal seems far away now, but I’m working hard towards it.

Dušan: Many of our friends simply love all sorts of things about Japan. For example, our bassist Nikola Andrejić is a big fan of Naruto, and our pianist Matija Anđelković is deeply influenced by Japanese composers. I personally think Nippon is fascinating! We have never been to Japan, but our friends have recently visited Tokyo (where they got engaged, congrats you guys!) and Kyoto and they have told us all these amazing stories about it… Hopefully, one day Mina a.k.a. Selena and I, and maybe even the whole Rain Delay will visit your breathtaking country. As a lyric from „Kyoto Daylight Recon“ says: „And yes, I hope one day we just might visit Japan.“ We hope to gather some attention of the Japanese audience after this interview, as we all know that you guys are the most passionate and the most dedicated fans ever.

Venetian metal

RN24: On your profile, you guys state yourselves as “Venetian Metal”. Does it mean Venice Italy? What do you really mean by this category?

Dušan: Yes, but more like Venice Veneto. Venetian people, their language, and culture are a different entity from what is today considered as Italy, although politically they are a part of Italy. The term „Venetian metal“ started off as kind of an internal joke, but then later it became real when, in addition to Venetian lifestyle and cultural thematics, we realized that we have a lot of neo-classical Venetian-like music influences (from such artists like Vivaldi) which is obvious in songs „Veneto Slumber Recon“, „Par ti, San Marco“, „Winged Lion“, „Samarcołin“… I have Venetian roots, a part of my family is from the Lagoon, so I could say that I am Serbian-Venetian. BTW We have two flags in the video for “Shiseido”, a Japanese flag and the flag of Veneto.

RN24 2016-03-21 alle 13.35.28

Toni: I was still only a fan of the band back when Venice-inspired songs were written and hearing them for the first time made me realize that this unique sound of Rain Delay had its foundation in something most deep and personal. With so many personal ties to that city, presented through our music, Venetian metal is more than a fitting description of our sound. I believe that title was sealed in 2012, on the day when Rain Delay became the first, and until today, the only metal band in history that ever performed in the city of Venice.


RN24: I have edited a book called “I love Yugo” dealing with Yugoslavia nostalgia. What do you think about Yugoslavia?

Dušan: I was born in Yugoslavia in 1984, and only six years after everything started to collapse. Still to this day, I don’t know what to think and how to feel about it… Was it a masonic creation, was it the utopia? It was surely better for South Slavic nations to have a relatively big unified country, which was a huge producer at that time, and for a brief moment in history – a fifth military power in the world. However, knowing our petty differences and how Balkan people are easily (self)driven into feuds, it wasn’t meant to be. There was some great stuff about Yugoslavia. A modest, yet the almost stress-free life that those people were living. There is one thing, if Yugoslavia was still a unified country today, we would have been even better at sports.

Serbia and Japan

RN24: What do you think about the relations between Serbia and Japan or Yugoslavia and Japan?
Toni: Well, I don’t know much about any political relationships, but in terms of individual ones, there are large communities of people in this country who adore a lot of aspects of Japanese culture. For some people it’s the language, comic books, TV shows and cartoons but for me, as a fantasy creator and illustrator, I am very influenced by the works of Hayao Miyazaki and Akira Kurosawa and I hope that I will one day reach modern Japanese filmmakers and finally turn my stories and illustration into movies. But, more related to music, I would love to perform for the Japanese audience, and connect with people through our music just like I was connected to Rain Delay the first time I saw the old members of the band perform.


RN24: Do you guys actually do Judo?

Dušan: I do Judo, but my basic style is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which is similar to Judo since they both derive from traditional Japanese Jujutsu. Our ex-bassist also did a little BJJ, our ex-guitarist does a lot of Karate, and our ex-bassist use to do Capoeira… that’s about it.

A small addition:

Dušan: Thank you ROCKETNEWS24.COM so much for this opportunity to share our music with the Japanese audience! Bear this in mind, we released „Shideido“ and performed „Kyoto Daylight Recon“ even before all the kawaii metal became known to the world. Not saying we invented the genre first, but we surely felt it too, at least at the same time as you did. 😉

Love you all,
Rain Delay

Read here the original article: RocketNews24 (in Japanese), by Yoshiro Hamazaki

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