Essential by Cristoforo Nania

Posted on 31 October 2016   Artists, Releases, WebMetropolis Records

Cristoforo Nania announced the arrival of his second album “ESSENTIAL”

WebMetropolis has a great pleasure to announce the release of the second album, “ESSENTIAL”, of the Sicilian singer and songwriter Cristoforo Nania, who after years from the first album “… of the sea, dreams, love …” is signing his new music work, which he will personally present now to our public.

Cristoforo Nania

Hello everyone, it’s nice to be here. My second CD is entitled “Essential“, as it is very different from the first even if the music is the same. The first CD was much Band oriented, with more elaborate arrangements, while this new album, is very dry, with a few instruments. The voice and the story are the most important here.

In this album there are nine songs, some are taken from the collection of writings already “existing” and others are developed recently.

As with the previous, the narration is not different. The style is the singer’s style, or the storyteller’s, to tell simple things, stories and emotions I have experienced or listen to and processed by listening to others’ stories that have moved my soul.

Cristoforo Nania from New Album

Can you tell us how did this album is born and why did you wait so long, as in so many, who loved songs like “Sailing”, “You know Sicily”, “The broken mirror” and others, have asked us why you don’t have new songs. Now, here we are. Tell us a bit ‘of the themes that have made sing your heart again.

In this CD, songs are ranging from self-ironic, to an intimate and emotional history, to remember the love that I had, to issues affecting social. So it reflects a bit of everything around me.

This album will be released by WebMetropolis Records and the song “I wish But” will be released in these days. What this song is about?

cris-nania-2Yes, that’s right. This song is cheerful, catchy, the refrain remains in your head and the words are absolutely simple. Practically I tease everyone, ironically, especially myself, telling myself in those three minutes.

Who has collaborated on this album and if they are all new artists or some old remained, besides you and your guitar?

New album, new musicians. I was lucky to find a series of good musicians chosen ad hoc, to give a musical character purposely different from the first, to make it interesting to the ears of those who listen to it.

The album will be released shortly and we’ll see for a more in-depth interview, where we will present the entire album and listen it together with the public!

Surely! Thank you Val. A hug to all and good music.

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