David Bowie as Lazarus

Posted on 11 January 2016   News

David Bowie

David Bowie has gone and would not surprise me if the miracle happens. Because his work has the taste of miracle. The Death arrived, she is relentless. Sometimes she presents before and sometimes not, but to the big artists certainly comes, as a challenge: show us what you are really capable!

Blackstar mystery

The video of David Bowie as Lazarus, that you see below, shows us how his encounter with death was dramatic and profound, even if the result was “certain”, has lots of unexpected turns. From loneliness… fear… darkness… to magic… and doubt in myths, trust in relief, dancing for the death to trick her and then, the courage to abandone himself… In our cultures, a God is always a Man, but the Death is a Women! 

  1. Bowie releases himself from the fear of the eternal darkness in the hands of the Woman
  2. She may SAFE him, as she already gave him a birth, but may she SAVE him? Or it will be the God from another Galaxy – he himself, dead… a man who became a god…

David Bowie

After reinvented himself in music, David Bowie reinvented himself in dying. To see this we need time. He left us a precious gift – his new album “Blackstar“, released the day of his birthday.

He was just in time to put the seal on his epic career …

And to die two days later… perfect in timing and manner, as he’s always been.


LAZARUS is not a coincidence after +40 years of the career and 25 albums released. Bowie always knew what he is doing. Let’s see what he saw… and what he wanted let us to know.

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To be or not to be, it hurts

Illness is the messenger of the death, doesn’t matter when or how she arrives. When the death arrives she frightens us first through our own eyes, because she lets us see all what we did and what we didn’t do. Till the last moment, we don’t know “how it is going to be”. We are not sure about our Destiny/ation. Then, the Death stands up in us, dresses us and goes for Destiny/ation. Death is our final success or our irrevocable failure. One may die in peace, then it’s a part of the success.

It’s all about transformation, in life and in death

I met some people dying without living what they really were supposed to. It’s a real tragedy… Bowie fought in silence, eleven long months… Lazarus is an amazing testimony of courage, fight and then to let himself go, whatever this could be. And then?

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The real news is that this album IS a Transformation. It’s much more than Music or Lyrics. It’s Life! David Bowie gave us a great gift with Blackstar. We still need to read it, listen to it and understand it. But the Time will clear our ideas when the other musicians start to come out from this last Bowie’s Life challenge.

The transformation has just begun!

David Bowie is crossing the border

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