Posted on 25 Jan 2017

Essenziale by Cristoforo Nania

ESSENZIALE WEBMETROPOLIS RECORDS is happy to announce our first Album Release in 2017: ESSENZIALE by CRISTOFORO NANIA 8 songs composed by Cristoforo Nania, with the participation of the artists: Bass and electric guitar: Jorghe Blengino Acoustic guitar and keyboards: Vincent Migliorisi Acoustic guitar: Emilio Assenza Drums: Pino Salinitro CRISTOFORO, poet and sailor Cristoforo Nania made one beautiful album, full of... Read More »
Posted on 18 Jan 2017

WebMetropolis Calendar 2017

With this Calendar WebMetropolis wishes to all the Artists and our readers one Successful and Happy 2017! This is is our small gift to thank you all for sharing our passion. Feel free to save, print, and share the Calendar with your friends.   January 2017 – WebMetropolis | Artists’ Success Guide “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the... Read More »
Posted on 15 Jan 2017

Top 5 solutions to build your website...

What is the website and why artists need it? If you want to be successful and make living of what you do, you don’t need necessarily to go on the big TVs or shows. It could help, but it’s not a privileged way anymore. Instead, you need a website to start and you can build it for FREE! To... Read More »
Posted on 26 Oct 2016

Xena, modern Goddess

XENA DIVINE Being known to the large audience as a muse of the famous photographer Helmut Newton, could be the life achievement for anybody. When talking about Xena, it’s just an important part of her rich career, as it is her work on the film. I’ll cite some: “Nirvana”, Gabriele Salvatores, “For happiness you need three”, R. Grlic, “Hot afternoon”, M. Sesardic, “Macolata... Read More »
Posted on 17 Oct 2016

Selenophilia, the six new songs

Selenophilia, the six new songs The album SELENOPHILIA is LIVE on WebMETROPOLIS YouTube channel. Here you have the playlist with all six songs. Enjoy and feel free to share the one you like the most! LYRICS of SELENOPHILIA While listening songs, you can follow the lyrics from subtitles or if you prefer reading the entire text, here you have... Read More »
Posted on 11 Oct 2016

Flo Li, born Artist

Born in the Academy of Fine ArtsHeart of a ChildFlo Li, you are the artist. Please, let us know about your first steps in art. I’m sure the beginning must be very deep in the past because I saw your new photography series and I can even catch the “energy” coming out of them. But, please take us first to... Read More »
Posted on 04 Oct 2016

Interview with Dusan Pesic

SELENOPHILIA, the 5th album of RAIN DELAY, released Interview with Dusan Pesic, the leader of the Belgrade-based Venetian metal band Rain Delay, that released its 5th studio album, Selenophilia. The six songs of this new album are giving the final touch to the wonderful project, the trilogy, together with Slumber Recon, released in 2011, and Of Blood-Red and Gold,... Read More »
Posted on 22 Sep 2016

Ivan Pavic, exhibition “The Jade...

Ivan Pavic, painter and The Jade Rabbit, exhibition IVAN PAVIC – WebMetropolis brings you the story about the painter Ivan Pavic and his latest exhibition “Jade Rabbit”, which was held in the house of Djura Jaksic, Skadarlija, one of the most interesting and the oldest streets in Belgrade. The story is told by the author. We wanted to share... Read More »
Posted on 18 Jul 2016

Selenophilia by Rain Delay

Rain Delay announced the arrival of their 5th album SELENOPHILIA WebMetropolis Records is very proud to announce that Belgrade’s band RAIN DELAY is finishing the work on their 5th album SELENOPHILIA, planned to be released this autumn. The album “Selenophilia” is a conceptual continuation of the trilogy, together with: “Slumber Recon” and “Of Blod-Red and Gold”. Album name: Selenophilia... Read More »
Posted on 11 Jul 2016

Shayma Aziz visual artist

“What I hate is ignorance, smallness of imagination, the eye that sees no farther than its own lashes. All things are possible… Who you are is limited only by who you think you are.” – Egyptian Book of The Dead The definition of an artist Shayma Aziz, the artist we are presenting you in this interview, is born in Asyut... Read More »
Posted on 09 Jun 2016

The Alchemist Artist – Frank P...

The artist who walks to the Moon“Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars.” – J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the RingsFrank P Seidl is the artist born in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. As the only child, he started with what he liked, not with what he was influenced by. “I don’t really believe in influence”, Frank told me.... Read More »
Posted on 11 Jan 2016

David Bowie as Lazarus

David Bowie David Bowie has gone and would not surprise me if the miracle happens. Because his work has the taste of miracle. The Death arrived, she is relentless. Sometimes she presents before and sometimes not, but to the big artists certainly comes, as a challenge: show us what you are really capable! Blackstar mystery The video of David... Read More »
Posted on 09 Dec 2015

Rain Delay – first gig in London

Rain Delay va a Londra RAIN DELAY si esibiranno a Londra la primavera del 2016 – il 03 Aprile 2016. Inizia così la nuova fase dei lavori del nostro WebMetropolis – con questo primo GIG importante, che seguiremo insieme in diretta, passo per passo. Se lo aggiudica la band Rain Delay meritatamente, perché abbiamo lavorato tutti insieme e sodo... Read More »
Posted on 08 Dec 2015

Vote your song for 2016

Vota il tuo brano per il 2016!   Specchio specchio delle mie brame quale artista porto nel reame? Rain Delay, Daniele Rizzi, Christos, Cris Nania Il 2016 è alle porte e noi nel WebMetropolis siamo pronti per le nuove sfide. Questo significa portare i nostri artisti agli eventi e festival all’estero, nei posti che contano come lo sono VEVO,... Read More »
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