Posted on 18 Nov 2020

Alessia Ramusino

Alessia Ramusino, cantautrice Italiana Cara Alessia, è un piacere parlare con te qui su WebMetropolis. L’occasione è davvero bella. Pochi giorni fa hai presentato il tuo nuovo singolo che si intitola “Aware”. Iniziamo con oggi, anche se ci conosciamo da tempo. Raccontami di questo brano bellissimo, particolare, importante.   Aware, è un brano che scrissi nel settembre del 2015, quando ero ancora... Read More »
Posted on 02 Dec 2019

Interview with Rohan van Klooster

Rohan van Klooster, Dutch composer Discovering the composer Rohan van Klooster It’s been 28 years now since you have composed “Verzameling”, your officially first composition, if I’m informed well. It is absolutely incredible how many beautiful music you have composed by now and Netherlands didn’t discover you yet. I hope this will change now, the way you deserve and... Read More »
Posted on 19 Nov 2019

Пијаниста Миливоје...

МИЛИВОЈЕ ВЕЉИЋ, ПИЈАНИСТА БАРЗОЈ БАЛАДЕ Данас имам задовољство да вам представим једног младог пијанисту са којим сам сарађивала на новом ВебМетрополис пројекту, који је не само леп но и изузетно занимљив из више разлога. Најпре добродошли у ВебМетрополис Миливоје. Реците ми како неко тако млад може бити професор на факултету? Чиста знатижеља, наравно. За ангажман на факултету пресудно је... Read More »
Posted on 17 Nov 2019

Interview with the pianist Milivoje...

Milivoje Veljic, the pianist of Borzoi Ballade Today I have the pleasure to introduce to you a young pianist with whom I collaborated on a new WebMetropolis Records project, which is not only beautiful but also extremely interesting for many reasons. First of all, welcome to WebMetropolis Milivoje. Tell me how someone so young can be a college professor?... Read More »
Posted on 04 Nov 2018

Jamie Glenday

JAMIE GLENDAY PHOTOGRAPHER Hello, Jamie. It is my pleasure to talk to you as a photographer, even though you have more professional faces that directly emerge from your artistic being, such as video production, design, project development, web design … Tell us how you see yourself? In simple terms, I see myself as a naturally curious creative interested in... Read More »
Posted on 20 Apr 2018

Rain Delay SRB

WebMETROPOLIS VAS POZIVA NA GALA CONCERT BENDA RAIN DELAY u DomU omladine Beograda Pod okriljem i u ekskluzivnoj organizaciji nase muzičke/izdavačke kuće WebMETROPOLIS Records iz Milana, Rain Delay će povodom obeležavanja 15 godina rada i stvaranja, odsvirati svoj jubilarni 200. koncert u istorijskom zdanju Doma omladine Beograda u nedelju, 6. maja sa pocetkom u 21h.  OBEZBEDI SEBI ULAZNICU U... Read More »
Posted on 24 Mar 2018

Cris Nania vince premio di critica

Cristoforo Nania vince il premio di critica all’Umbria Voice 2018 Cristoforo Nania, Cris per amici, è un artista tosto, che non si arrende mai, un guerriero, che alla musica non ha mai pensato di rinunciare, ed oggi al prestigioso festival a Narni, Umbria Voice 2018, anche la critica gli ha dato ragione. Come non farlo, visto che Cris è... Read More »
Posted on 08 Mar 2018

8 March

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT FOR WOMEN ARTISTS 8 MARCH DEAL FOR WOMEN ARTISTS STARTER PACKAGE WHO IS THIS PACKAGE FOR | For the Artists who are starting w/ Social Media. Doing the correct way means saving years of learning, and avoiding expensive mistakes. DO IT YOURSELF | Our mission is to help you understand correctly Social Media, Rules, Best Practice... Read More »
Posted on 07 Feb 2018

WebMetropolis Magazine Issue 1

WEBMETROPOLIS MAGAZINE artists magazine 15 INTERVIEWS TO CELEBRATE 15 YEARS OF WORK WITH ARTISTS  DOWNLOAD NOW ! The Digital Revolution and Social Media changed the way for artists to succeed. And it's not about technology. It's about the answers we all got to our human needs, to be Now, to be Closer, and to exchange Values. This brought the... Read More »
Posted on 12 Dec 2017

Rohan Van Klooster fascinating Dutch...

ROHAN VAN KLOOSTER, for piano and borzois “We are all one. People are interconnected by invisible forces. Although we have the freedom to think and act, we stick together, like stars on the heavenly arc, with unbreakable connections.” Nikola Tesla This interview is closing one very important life path and at the same time is opening another, new one. It’s the celebration of... Read More »
Posted on 06 Nov 2017

Yi Chul Hee in the Tubeland

Art Life in the Land of Tubes Yi Chul Hee, the artist who is dreaming about his own Tubeland, an arts village, and an arts theme park, who doesn’t want to be there just as a sculptor, but as an artist that develops new landmarks, new urban brands, or even creates theme parks like large pipe lands, is actually one of the... Read More »
Posted on 01 Oct 2017

Osmel Fabre OX released his new album...

OSMEL FABRE OX NAKED I’d like to make this life project realistic, making it a credible and true to live off and for. I would like to live from my art, telling the world the life from my point of view, without pretending to teach but just to share. In the meantime, I try to live the life at... Read More »
Posted on 26 Jun 2017

Rain Delay released Selenophilia CD

RAIN DELAY, Selenophilia is on CD now RAIN DELAY is the metal band from Belgrade, Serbia, with five albums released by now. The latest album, Selenophilia, is the third and the last part of the trilogy, started with SLUMBER RECON, released in 2011, the second was OF BLOOD-RED and GOLD, released in 2015, and SELENOPHILIA, released in 2016. We have decided... Read More »
Posted on 23 Feb 2017

Cristoforo in China presented album...

Cristoforo Nania in Bejing presented his new album “Essential” What’s the best way to introduce your new album, if not in the city you love,  where you return often? For Cristoforo Nania this city is Beijing. The occasion was Bob Marley day, where he presented his second album “ESSENTIAL” (Essenziale) with 8 new songs. Exactly four years after his... Read More »
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