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La band Statunitense AO & Smith approda in TeslaLUX

AO & Smith sono due ragazzi americani che, “armati” di sogni e di buona musica, sono saliti sulla strada di successo, decisi di raggiungerlo a suon di musica che “spacca”. Il loro progetto porta un nome che è tutto un programma: “Il sognografo”! In pratica, possiamo dire che loro nella sala di registrazione incidono i sogni!
Come ogni storia di successo, anche questa ha un comune denominatore: ha le radici profonde nella realtà. La forza di questi due ragazzi sta proprio lì. Sognano, ma ad occhi aperti. Ogni cosa che fanno è in funzione della loro musica. E che musica – da sogno!

AO & Smith in "Z-list Celebrity"

Erano insieme in una squadra di basket nella scuola superiore. E l’hanno portata nei semi finali, Classe A, dello stato di New York. Ragazzi con la voglia di vincere, il ritmo, la musica nelle vene e un fratello maggiore con lo studio di registrazione. Ed ecco che iniziano le fughe dal campo verso lo studio e la musica come destino. All’amicizia abbinano un rispetto reciproco uno verso l’altro. Lavorano e investono nella loro musica passo per passo. In studio nulla è lasciato al caso, uguale come fuori dallo studio, sul campo di basket. Sono ragazzi giovani, entrambi ancora ventenni, ma sanno bene che la strada del successo richiede un lavoro costante, dettagliato e costruttivo di squadra. E loro ci sono, in tutto e per tutto!
Dopo gli Stati Uniti arrivano anche in Europa, decisi di non fermarsi nemmeno lì. Per questo hanno scelto l’Agenzia TeslaLUX a rappresentarli.

La musica seducente e innovativa di AO & Smith

Il miglior modo per conoscere AO e Smith è attraverso la loro musica. Godiamoci il video “Z-list Celebrity feat. Tom Cruise” con il brano dall’omonimo CD, che potete trovare anche su iTunes o semplicemente visitare il loro sito AO&SMITH o il negozio.

[jwplayer mediaid=”2669″]

Z-list Celebrity feat. Tom Cruise è un brano seducente, che rapisce per la melodia, ma anche per un video, da vere celebrità. Intero CD sorprende per la ricchezza dei brani: Carribean, Do Re Mi, Flashin’, Formula for Mula, Hey, Money, Pretty I.C., Set a Sail, Too Fly, Who can I run to, Z-list Celebrity. Tutti brani bellissimi e facili da ricordare, di cui le melodie rimangono impresse già dopo il primo ascolto.
Le sorprese non finiscono qui, perché AO e Smith ne hanno tirato un altra sorpresa piacevole dal loro cilindro creativo. Un libro. Ma non uno qualsiasi! Un libro cantato! Il brano Formula for Mula ci racconta come si inizia nella musica, le particolarità dalla vita quotidiana in una cultura come quella Americana, e la strada piena di insidie che un artista percorre inseguendo il proprio sogno! Bellissimo davvero!

Formula for Mula, il primo capitolo del libro

Ecco il primo capitolo del libro, che è anche un brano del CD, ma qui “riformulato” in chiave del libro (che è naturalmente più lungo), accompagnato da testo in originale, per facilitarne l’ascolto. Quale miglior modo per entrare nella vita di una band e nel suo modo di vivere l’arte.
AO&Smith si sono inseriti subito nel nostro gruppo. Li aspettiamo in Sicilia, per la chiusura della prima stagione di TeslaLUX e l’apertura della nuova, che si prospetta ricca di eventi. Ci auguriamo che sarà bella e unica come la Sicilia!

Chapter 1 – Formula for Mula

Cufflinks, check. Italian leather shoes, check. Silk Socks, check. Earrings out, check. Earrings out? Yes, it was 2008 and A.O. was working at a job.
There was no real reason for me to go this route, other than; it was what had I decided. My Great Grandmother had passed the year before. She was Ninety-six years old and the week before she passed away, she said to me in her Jamaican accent, “You must get yourself a licle job.” I said nothing, and nodded my head slowly. Then she looked at one of my family members and said jokingly “him no work for nobody ya’kno!?!?”
See people had this misconception about me, that I wouldn’t get a job. That I was an entrepreneur because I didn’t want to work for anyone. The truth is I didn’t mind going to work. I just knew that me going to work, would not work. When you’re an entrepreneur you know about yourself, and I knew I was one that had to hustle. The same way one knows they’re a righty and not a lefty. It was in that same way that I knew I was a hustler and not a worker. However, I must admit, working would actually be the grandest hustle of them all.

AO & Smith

Once I made the decision that I was going to get a gig, I figured I might as well make the most money possible. So of course I went after the financial field, stocks to be exact. I had dabbled in stocks before but those were my personal accounts nothing work related. That and my college degree were my only experience.
Still I printed out that one page resume of mine, and went to what at that time was the most established financial firm in the world. That firm was Merrill Lynch. Now I know the word “Lynch” alone would scare some people, but I didn’t care. I knew how to separate business from other feelings. This was about dollars, and I knew there was plenty of dollars to go around at Merrill Lynch.

As I’m getting ready to drop off my resume and I’m sitting in my car wearing tan khaki pants and a light blue button down Brooks Brothers shirt. I just sat that there staring at a navy blue, gold buttoned blazer that I had in my hand, and I said to myself “Should I do it to ‘em?” and I replied to myself “Do it to ‘em A.O.” I asked myself again “Should I do it to ‘em?” and I replied promptly “Do it to ‘em A.O.!” I put that blazer on and began swaggering.
I went up to the 4th floor of the Merrill Lynch office building, and I was greeted by a secretary. I told her “I would like to be a stock broker,” she replied “With those in your ears?” I was expecting her to ask for my resume, but did she just say what I think she said? I raised my eye brows and moved closer and I said “excuse me?” and she replied “With those in your ears?” She continued and said “Look, come back with a tie, and without the earrings, and I’ll see if someone will meet with you.”
Wow! Unbelievable! What is this fakeness? But at the same time it was reality. I figured, hey, you gotta start somewhere.

So I took that secretary’s advice and came back the next day with a tie, and minus the diamond studded earrings. I kept my end of the deal, now it was her turn. And that savvy little secretary came through. She pulled a smooth move and called the Associate Director. She told him I was here to meet with him, and made him feel as though he forgot. Then she got off the phone, gave me a wink and said “He’s ready to meet with you.”
I sat down in his office and he asked me if I had been there before, I said no. He asked me if I submitted an application online and I told him “No, I just walked in.” He replied “You just walked in off the street?” I said “Yes.” From that point on in the interview process I was known as “The guy who just walked in.”
He then asked me my background; I told him I had graduated from Amherst College, one of the top schools in the country. He then asked “What’s your working experience.” Now that’s where it gets tough for a hustler in a job interview. I was always either making money or making a move, but how do you translate that in corporate jargon? I looked him square in the eye and said boldly “I sold throwbacks.” His response surprised me he said, “You mean like Mitchell and Ness?” I said “exactly.” He then went on to ask me “So if I wanted let’s say a Larry Bird jersey you could get that for me?” Now I’m thinking this is great, I’m gonna make a sale and get a salary all at once! I responded “Definitely.” He then said “Why should I buy it from you instead of from someone else?” I responded “Quite Frankly, I can get it for cheaper.”
Five interviews, and some silly standardized math test later, and the “The guy who just walked in” got the gig. Now it was time to pass the Series 7. The big thing would be understanding money. Of course I understood the basics, how to get a quick buck and how to spend it, but I had to learn how it worked on a global scale. It turns out, money is just transferred between people, and different types of accounts.

The global economy is really no different from a big casino strip in Las Vegas. Each respective government is the “house” or the casino owner, and the people are still the people. Of course certain people know how to play certain games, and certain people don’t.
The only difference is you’re not supposed to be able to lose your money as fast as you could in casino. However, in the 2008 stock markets, people lost money fast. People lost money real fast.

It was crazy, families felt their lives were being turned upside down. The Dow Jones went from being in the 12,000’s to being in the 6,000’s. Gas was nearing $5.00! The dollar was being bodied by the Euro. Real Estate was worthless and The Fed was slashing interest rates like an original gangster would slash a face; Steep, often and without explanation. It was chaos and I watched it from my desk, sitting at a computer chair.
Now me, I was cool. I had this little smile at all times, it made people wonder “What’s he so happy about?” Besides the fact that I was making a boatload of money to dress nice, and clock in, I knew something they didn’t. I knew that I was a true hustler. I knew I was built for any economy, good or bad, recession or depression. Actually, the economy was then at recession point, but I found that laughable because when you’re a true hustler it’s always a recession. I knew then that I had the formula, The Formula For Mula.


Oh, so y’all want the formula? Where there’s confusion there’s money. I repeat, where there’s confusion there’s money. This means, when everyone is making money, sure be cool, make money. But when there’s chaos, that’s when you really have to have a cool hand, that’s where the real money is made.
For this song the beat was made by a certain producer from Ireland. His name is Mix Master Murf. I knew his girlfriend at the time and she brought me his CD. She said that he made beats, but never really played them for people. I heard the beats on the cd, and I knew right then, that I would never have to work again. It’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before.

Tra pochi giorni sarà attivato il profilo di AO&SMITH qui su WebMETROPOLIS e su intera nostra social network. Non poteva esserci un modo migliore per annunciare l’apertura della nuova stagione dei lavori nell’Agenzia TeslaLUX, con tante sfide, ma anche tanti piacevoli eventi in arrivo.

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