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The artist who walks to the Moon

“Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars.” – J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

1 Frank P SeidlFrank P Seidl is the artist born in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. As the only child, he started with what he liked, not with what he was influenced by. “I don’t really believe in influence”, Frank told me. This was curious, so I wanted to know more about the man who came out from MCAD, the College of Art and Design BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts), in Minneapolis, the same one where graduated one of the protagonists in the pop-art movement, James Rosenquist.

His bio was my next step. This brought me to his German and French/Swede/Italian roots. He will tell us the story.

Europe in Frank’s veins

On the German side my Grandfather and Grandmother (Grandmother died before I was born) were natural technicians and Artists. They were professional in origin, natural Matheticians and Artists. Art and Science and professional personalities.

The other side which is French/Swede then Italian by marriage was the more romantic arts, Dance and Literature. There I never new my real Grandfather. This thought was around, however influence was not as option.

My initial decision to go into the Arts was actually a forced issue at the time to do something. Art being on the list. My interests I picked up on by experience and was good at.”

The Alchemist Series

What captured my attention were his drawings. Day by day I was watching them ‘in movement’, unique on web, passing with elegance between foto and video, from all parts of the world, populating daily the Social Media feeds. Frenks drowing were standing out strong, simple and different.

“I am using a working portfolio leading up to 1000 to 1500 completed pieces. A Walk to the Moon by Frank P SeidlThis one is proving to be one of the more popular pieces. It’s also the 3rd time I have redone the piece having done well over 100 renderings of it.

The Model for it is Flo Li, San Diego California. Originally born and raised at the Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts she has been in Caliornia for 24 years, Artist, Scientist, Entrpreneur, Aikido instructor and Yoga practioner. This is the first piece of the Series Alchemist Series “A Walk to the Moon” Flo Li, Arts Model.

The Alchemist Series Originated back in 72′. A comment of mine 22 at 56, graphic example!

Relativly timeless. It’s also free of contrived instance. On a Afternoon at a drawing course that was empty. Only myself, a friend, Tom Debruin (Later I, Char Zahn, Tom Debruin and 3 other people Exhibited, “Six Artists Six Staements” The first Commercial Fine Arts Exhibition as students at The Minneapolis College of Art and Design, held outside of Academic experience. The College had policy of no outside influnce.) and Bert Munzner, an instructor plus a life model were there. I decided to take advantage and do something different. I had the model change position constantly while I spontaneously rendered it. Your looking at the outcome, however done decades down the road.

A Walk to the Moon by Frank P Seidl

Uptown Minneapolis is an Arts and Entertainment area that since 1968 I have normally lived and ran my studio from. It has only been the last few years that I moved across town for personal reasons. Moving back! Walker Art Center, MIA, MCAD and Art relative businesses are all within Walking distance and a central issue there. 3 lakes make it a great recreation area as well.

Consciousness and ObjectivityA Walk to the Moon by Frank P Seidl

Consciousness is a big item with me, that and objectivity. I spent 4 years obtaing a degree in the Arts and another 8 years bringing my consciousness to the postion of my intentional doing. This is more than it sounds like. It involves time/space mental process, perception and originality. The result is more than the fact as well.

I Found the capability of verbalizing, intellectualizing visual Art, the process, the mental process and the unknown realities that are original outcome.

I found objectivity and reality in the unknow realities of existence. This and 5 original styles or directions in visual Art. I had left the generalities of mainstream Art and moved to a higher consciousness.

Alchemist Series “Heather” From the Trailblazer Commercial Moon Mission

Alchemist Series “A Walk to the Moon”

During a “new era of the commercialization of space exploration.”

In the late 90’s I became aware of Jim Benson and Space Developement Corporation. I contacted him to see what was available.

His mission at the time was to eject 4 1lb canisters carrying payload into and astroid. On inquiry I found this to be to expense and I proposed the sale of adspecialty advertising of the vehicle. After about a year the final decision was that he wanted an established market for the purpose.

A Walk to the Moon by Frank P Seidl

Next was Applied Space Resources, Denise Norris CEO, Lunar Retriever was the Mission. I contacted Denise, made an offer for advertising sales and put a digital exhibition as part of the payload on Lunar Retriever. She started the process to provide a paper model for National Sales plus I had The Alchemist Series, startup Series digitally copied on the Mission, plus addition Artists comprising an exhibition.

Sarah Johnson, Uptown Minneapolis was model for this Alchemist Series.

Applied Space Rescources went out of Business.

Then in 2004 I ran into “The Trailblazer, First Commercial Moon Mission” Transorbital (Trademark) La Jolla California, Dennis Laurie CEO.

With The Traiblazer Mission, I both obtained their advertising rights, and placed an exhibition of six Artist on it as payload. This time I had physical Art, Alchemist Series ( Heather Nyberg, Uptown Minneapolis, Model) on the Mission. For 5 seconds of humanity I held the first Art Exhibition for Commercial purpose scheduled for use on the Moon’s surface. The exhibition was invited to be written up in BBC’s BTW (Born to Win) Magazine.

Transorbital and the Mission went out of business, Google bought the XPrize and the competition did a 360 degree turn around.

Presently, plans are to include the Alchemist Series on a competitive First Commercial Mission. Alchemist Series “A Walk to the Moon” Flo Li, San Diego, model, is the Series for the purpose.

If Buckminster Fuller can create a flat map of the World, if this is an Era of Commercialization of Space and if my perception of time/space, molecular structure and sense are correct. Then I can produce The Alchemist Series, “A Walk to the Moon”.

45 years of Alchemist Series

The Alchemist Series has eveolved over a period of 45 years.

SeidlThe invovlment has been consciousness and intelligence, not necessarily work with the series. That has happened 3 different times within that period of time. Possibly it should be called the Evolution of Consciousness. Instead I called it The Alchemist, referencing Western Conscious.

It’s using the object, the female figure and with use of it’s simple essence, expression and relation to nature transforming that energy by observation and my expression into may Art Statement. I usually don’t use object. I made an exception in this case. Process as object and transforming expression with it. The simple essence of mind, space/time and nature. I like to think and probably is, something beyond 4 dimension space/time. A state of evolution, active.

This is the present position of the Alchemist Series.

2nd phase and physical work from the 90’s Alchemist Series “Sarah“, Alchemist Series “Heather“. Both girls from Uptown Minneapolis. Heather Hostess and Server at Figlio and Sarah, The Black Forest Inn. This I am going to combine as the start of the series and decision making time. Both girls had entered into the Arts.

The Entire series, body of work to consist of some 1500 Images. When I asked Flo to do it, I told her she could use her Art, Aikido and Yoga if she wanted to. I would and with an objective mind be transforming the pose into my Art and leave the integrity of hers alone. (That’s almost art about art) Ha!

Alchemist Series “A Walk to the Moon“, Flo Li, San Diego, born and raised at the Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, MS BioEngineering, MBA Entrepreneur, Aikido Sensi and Instructor, Yoga practitioner.

A Walk to the Moon by Frank P Seidl

Alchemist Series “A Statement of Existence“, Katrina Callihan, Owner of Katmovements in Huntington Beach California, BFA Dance, Pilates, Martial Arts and Aerial Arts.

Alchemist Series “A Dance with Nature“, Jennifer C. Gutierrez, Makati, Manila Philippines, BS Chemist, MS Enviromental Science, Existential Philosophy and Poet.

Artists creating Philosophical Value, Culture and HistoryA Walk to the Moon by Frank P Seidl

The Alchemist Series is being done during the Era of Commercialization of Space with plans to use it as payload to the Moon and to Mars. Artists creating Philosophical Value, Culture and History. Maintaining a Sense of responsibility by entering the Solar System and creating Culture with it.

The Alchemist Series is a spontaneous and intutitive rendering of the female figure and consciousness.

One of 5 directions of mine. Commercial Space Exploration a Great Venture for people to pursue their own.

Alchemist Series is a spontaneous and intutitive rendering of the female figure and consciousness. Click To Tweet

Where do you see yourself in 5 years as an artist? Do you have any message for your public?

A Walk tothe Moon by Frank P SeidlThe last is easy, “existence” is the public message existence and it’s meaning and contribution. All is relative. However, for existence of statement, permanency, contribution and self-intelligence a few major pieces in most major institutions, foundations and collections.

Public popularity is last on the list. The concert style exhibitions planned as a for instance demanding integrity of statement as opposed to public approval.

Also, meeting the responsibility of maintaining Culture, the Arts through the use of, or creating for the matter, Commercial Space Exploration, a creative process. An interest in the intelligence of Humanity. 4 or 5 years, well, working the process.”





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