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8 March

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT FOR WOMEN ARTISTS8 MARCH DEAL FOR WOMEN ARTISTSSTARTER PACKAGEWHO IS THIS PACKAGE FOR | For the Artists who are starting w/ Social Media. Doing the correct way means saving years of learning, and avoiding expensive mistakes.DO IT YOURSELF | Our mission is to help you understand correctly Social Media, Rules, Best Practice and apply it to... Read More »
Posted on 07 Feb 2018

WebMetropolis Magazine Issue 1

WEBMETROPOLIS MAGAZINEA MAGAZINE FOR ARTISTS15 INTERVIEWS TO CELEBRATE 15 YEARS OF WORK WITH ARTISTS DOWNLOAD NOW !The Digital Revolution and Social Media changed the way for artists to succeed. And it's not about technology. It's about the answers we all got to our human needs, to be Now, to be Closer, and to exchange Values. This brought the Culture into... Read More »
Posted on 12 Dec 2017

Rohan Van Klooster fascinating Dutch...

ROHAN VAN KLOOSTER, for piano and borzois “We are all one. People are interconnected by invisible forces. Although we have the freedom to think and act, we stick together, like stars on the heavenly arc, with unbreakable connections.” Nikola Tesla This interview is closing one very important life path and at the same time is opening another, new one. It’s the celebration of... Read More »
Posted on 06 Nov 2017

Yi Chul Hee in the Tubeland

Art Life in the Land of Tubes Yi Chul Hee, the artist who is dreaming about his own Tubeland, an arts village, and an arts theme park, who doesn’t want to be there just as a sculptor, but as an artist that develops new landmarks, new urban brands, or even creates theme parks like large pipe lands, is actually one of the... Read More »
Posted on 01 Oct 2017

Osmel Fabre OX released his new album...

OSMEL FABRE OX NAKED I’d like to make this life project realistic, making it a credible and true to live off and for. I would like to live from my art, telling the world the life from my point of view, without pretending to teach but just to share. In the meantime, I try to live the life at... Read More »
Posted on 26 Jun 2017

Rain Delay released Selenophilia CD

RAIN DELAY, Selenophilia is on CD now RAIN DELAY is the metal band from Belgrade, Serbia, with five albums released by now. The latest album, Selenophilia, is the third and the last part of the trilogy, started with SLUMBER RECON, released in 2011, the second was OF BLOOD-RED and GOLD, released in 2015, and SELENOPHILIA, released in 2016. We have decided... Read More »
Posted on 23 Feb 2017

Cristoforo in China presented album...

Cristoforo Nania in Bejing presented his new album “Essential” What’s the best way to introduce your new album, if not in the city you love,  where you return often? For Cristoforo Nania this city is Beijing. The occasion was Bob Marley day, where he presented his second album “ESSENTIAL” (Essenziale) with 8 new songs. Exactly four years after his... Read More »
Posted on 25 Jan 2017

Essenziale by Cristoforo Nania

ESSENZIALE WEBMETROPOLIS RECORDS is happy to announce our first Album Release in 2017: ESSENZIALE by CRISTOFORO NANIA 8 songs composed by Cristoforo Nania, with the participation of the artists: Bass and electric guitar: Jorghe Blengino Acoustic guitar and keyboards: Vincent Migliorisi Acoustic guitar: Emilio Assenza Drums: Pino Salinitro CRISTOFORO, poet and sailor Cristoforo Nania made one beautiful album, full of... Read More »
Posted on 18 Jan 2017

WebMetropolis Calendar 2017

With this Calendar WebMetropolis wishes to all the Artists and our readers one Successful and Happy 2017! This is is our small gift to thank you all for sharing our passion. Feel free to save, print, and share the Calendar with your friends.   January 2017 – WebMetropolis | Artists’ Success Guide “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the... Read More »
Posted on 15 Jan 2017

Top 5 solutions to build your website...

What is the website and why artists need it? If you want to be successful and make living of what you do, you don’t need necessarily to go on the big TVs or shows. It could help, but it’s not a privileged way anymore. Instead, you need a website to start and you can build it for FREE! To... Read More »
Posted on 31 Oct 2016

Essential by Cristoforo Nania

Cristoforo Nania announced the arrival of his second album “ESSENTIAL” WebMetropolis has a great pleasure to announce the release of the second album, “ESSENTIAL”, of the Sicilian singer and songwriter Cristoforo Nania, who after years from the first album “… of the sea, dreams, love …” is signing his new music work, which he will personally present now to... Read More »
Posted on 26 Oct 2016

Xena, modern Goddess

XENA DIVINE Being known to the large audience as a muse of the famous photographer Helmut Newton, could be the life achievement for anybody. When talking about Xena, it’s just an important part of her rich career, as it is her work on the film. I’ll cite some: “Nirvana”, Gabriele Salvatores, “For happiness you need three”, R. Grlic, “Hot afternoon”, M. Sesardic, “Macolata... Read More »
Posted on 17 Oct 2016

Selenophilia, the six new songs

Selenophilia, the six new songs The album SELENOPHILIA is LIVE on WebMETROPOLIS YouTube channel. Here you have the playlist with all six songs. Enjoy and feel free to share the one you like the most! LYRICS of SELENOPHILIA While listening songs, you can follow the lyrics from subtitles or if you prefer reading the entire text, here you have... Read More »
Posted on 11 Oct 2016

Flo Li, born Artist

Born in the Academy of Fine Arts Heart of a Child Flo Li, you are the artist. Please, let us know about your first steps in art. I’m sure the beginning must be very deep in the past because I saw your new photography series and I can even catch the “energy” coming out of them. But, please take us... Read More »
Posted on 04 Oct 2016

Interview with Dusan Pesic

SELENOPHILIA, the 5th album of RAIN DELAY, released Interview with Dusan Pesic, the leader of the Belgrade-based Venetian metal band Rain Delay, that released its 5th studio album, Selenophilia. The six songs of this new album are giving the final touch to the wonderful project, the trilogy, together with Slumber Recon, released in 2011, and Of Blood-Red and Gold,... Read More »
Posted on 09 Dec 2010   News
Posted on 24 Jan 2012


Conoscere gli altri e’ intelligenza, conoscere se stessi e’ la vera sapienza. Dominare altri e’ forza, dominare se stessi e’ il vero potere. – Lao Tzu “La ricerca mostra che le persone di maggior successo condividono la caratteristica comune di auto-consapevolezza. Loro riconoscono le situazioni che permetteranno loro il successo, e questo facilita loro di trovare il modo di... Read More »
Posted on 09 Dec 2010

Buon Compleanno Donatella

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Posted on 20 May 2011


Il MAIALE fa GROCK ROCK in CROAZIA! La nostra band i KUADRA sono stati scelti dagli organizzatori del T-Mobile INMUSIC Festival, tra le 28 giovani band più promettenti da tutto il mondo! La qualità della nostra band è stata decisiva per questa ammissione! Per loro voteranno solo i telespettatori della MAX TV in Croazia, premendo il pulsante rosso! Abbiamo... Read More »
Posted on 24 Apr 2011

Buona Pasqua artisti

Easter in TeslaART Felice Pasqua a tutti gli artisti! Vostro TeslaLUX Read More »
Posted on 17 Apr 2011

Cristoforo Nania in concerto

Cristoforo Nania in concerto Quando: 01/05/2011 alle 22:00 Dove: Ragusa Ibla Indirizzo: Piazza Pola EVENTO: La Locanda di Cris porta in piazza bellissimi suoni del cantautore Cristoforo Nania, che di musica fa non solo uno spettacolo, ma un’arte che sfida ogni aspettativa dei buon gustai di musica. Le sue note sono piene di colori, come le pennellate di Tintoretto,... Read More »
Posted on 28 Mar 2011

KUADRA ammessi al T-Mobile INmusic...

Buone notize da TeslaLUX! I KUADRA sono stati ammessi al più grande music festival in Croazia, T-Mobile INmusic festival, che si svolgerà il 21 e il 22.06.2011. TeslaLUX ha confermato la disponibilità della band di suonare a Zagabria. About festival: Oltre ai nomi già conosciuti come i vincitori del premio Grammy Arcade Fire di quest’anno, losco ed esplosivo Grinderman,... Read More »
Posted on 13 Mar 2011

Todio registra nuovo album

NEW TODIO ALBUM RECORDING – on February 2011 Salve Todio Fan, credo che molti avranno saputo che a dicembre scorso Andrea il nostro tastierista ha riportato una frattura scomposta del 4 e 5 metacarpo della mano destra. Operazione riuscita con inserimento di ferro di titanio, un mese di gesso e ancora uno con il ferro all’interno del 5 metacarpo. Nonostante questo i... Read More »
Posted on 27 Jan 2011

Online in nuova veste con Dona...

Webmetropolis ha cambiato il volto e ha aperto le porte della Metropoli dell’Arte ai musicisti! Così diventa sempre più visibile il legame con TeslaLUX, di cui Webmetropolis è il blog ufficiale, che però mantiene la propria indipendenza. La nuova veste del blog possiede diverse opzioni e molta flessibilità, permettendo che i contenuti diventino punto di forza per gli artisti... Read More »
Posted on 18 Jan 2011

Il Caos e Dana in concerto in Spagna

Il Caos e Dana in concerto a Malaga in Spagna il 19 gennaio 2011. Read More »
Posted on 15 Jan 2011

Cris Nania

LOCANDA di CRIS Un cantautore di vecchia scuola. Un gruppo di musicisti giovani ma di grande capacità tecnica. Una original band, che mette nel calderone pop, rock, stile cantautorale, blues, funky, ballate, country, venendone fuori un miscuglio piacevole, per certi aspetti vintage. I testi e le musiche sono di Cris, “antichi” e moderni allo stesso tempo, messaggi di vita quotidiana,... Read More »
Posted on 13 Jan 2011

Il Caos e Dana

Il Caos e Dana nasce nel marzo 2004 dall’incontro tra Gianni Piras, chitarrista/ bassista blues e Dana Andrews, cantante jazz. Dalla naturale sintonia dell’incontro e da una serie di improvvisazioni del duo, si materializzano, ad oggi, circa cinquanta brani che hanno costituito un vero e proprio recital musicale. Lo spettacolo, che riscuote il sincero apprezzamento del pubblico di ogni... Read More »
Posted on 10 Jan 2011

Donatella Pellegrini Bio

Donatella Pellegrini, cantante, compositrice, scrittrice. Nasce a Livorno. Nel 2008 completa e autoproduce il suo primo CD in italiano "S.O.S.", composto da otto brani, registrato presso l'arrangiatore Giovanni Sala. Read More »
Posted on 09 Jan 2011

Un buon inizio dell’anno 2011!

Auguri a ! TeslaLUX Team Read More »
Posted on 08 Mar 2018

8 March

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT FOR WOMEN ARTISTS8 MARCH DEAL FOR WOMEN ARTISTSSTARTER PACKAGEWHO IS THIS PACKAGE FOR | For the Artists who are starting w/ Social Media. Doing the correct way means saving years of learning, and avoiding expensive mistakes.DO IT YOURSELF | Our mission is to help you understand correctly Social Media, Rules, Best Practice and apply it to... Read More »