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Social Media is two people conversing online. It’s not broadcasting anymore. It’s all about Relationship between us and other people. Our Content drives Conversation. Conversation drives Relationship. Relationship drives Revenue. Once, for artists it was the question of One-Time sale, while now we talk about the Life-Time sales. Idea on which we initially based our work was “1000 fans for 1 artist”, but Social Media are becoming Social Business and  “1000 Life-Time fans” is what 1 artist needs. That’s why the artists who want results, are supposed to build the lasting Relationships with people who like what they do. And it’s all about Quality!

Fastest, easiest, and most valuable solution for musicians to reach the Success and start to make living from music

– DONE WITH YOU | Our mission is to help you to build your business.

PLAN | Failing to Plan is planning to Fail! We create the Plan and Action Steps, defining together with you the Goals and Outcome.

– OUTCOME, PERFORMANCE, and PROCESS | You get entire Project! And we give it the Framework (your measurable goal) and the Timeframe (time of execution)! You start from the Success you defined for you and we work Backwards.  We take actionable steps to make all done having the end in mind.

– AUDIENCE | We determine and define your Target Audience, what’s essential for Success! No Audience no Party!

– NICHE | We find the niche that could open you the doors, we contact influencers/bloggers/radio stations/ etc, and we do it as WebMetropolis, and pass you all answers we receive, contacts included. We open for you the Opportunities!

– YOUR STRENGTHS | We define what makes you strong and diverse. We also help you define yourself as a brand, recognizable in photos with ease, and we test, test and test in order to find out what functions best for you.

– SOCIAL MEDIA | Being on Social Media is not a Strategy, it’s a Tool! That’s why we have created the SocialMedia Checklist. We check your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LIVEs, and make sure you have CTA and BIO too in all your socials. We work with you on posting, hashtags, growth, and engagement and measure all Success Indicators, improving where and when it’s necessary.

– INSTAGRAM | Instagram needs to be planned separately because we would give you the ideas and the strategies for posts, stories and FAST audience growth.

– HOW TO BE FOUND | We find for you the keywords and hashtags that give results to you.

– POSTs & CAMPAIGNs | Post are to be prepared together with you for several phases, pre-release, release and post-release. You write your Story, we adapt it for posting, matching it with the photos you give us.

– MESSAGING | Clarity, and Consistency in messaging are fundamental, as well as Quality and Engagement.

– PUBLISHING | Programming, and automation of posts we would do on your Twitter and Pinterest, to help you grow your audience faster. You would do the same on your Facebook and G + page (linked to your Gmail account) with our help. We’ll help you to automate the process using one account as the base. Posting gives you Exposure! Automation saves your Time!

– SOCIAL SELLING | Great CONTENT drives Conversation. Conversation drives Relationship. Relationship drives Revenue! The Web opens you the World. But the world is getting smaller online! You need SuperFans to make your dream come true. Targeted audience, massaging relevancy and quality will bring you Conversations and if you build correctly the Relationships, you can reach Success and make a living from your music!

– WHO IS THIS PACKAGE FOR | This package is mostly for MUSICIANS, committed ones! But also other artists may apply.

– QUALITY | Quality of your business is determined by the quality of your thinking! We know that artists usually need solutions on a shoestring budget, but there is TIME necessary for all stages of your Business cycle. Evaluate first how much time you’ll need to do it alone and how much money you may spend to reach the results by yourself! Grab this opportunity, save time and you will save money!

– DURATION | About 7 weeks (maybe few more days).


– ONE TIME OFFER | PRO PACKAGE costs 599€ – It’s 50% OFF the regular price to Celebrate 15 Years of our work with Artists!

– PAYMENT | Anticipated, via Secure PayPal Payment | Button: Buy Now


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* After the payment, you will be sent to the Thank You page!

– BUY NOW USE LATER | You can buy now and use this package in the next 6 months! We will not offer this package again at this price!

– BONUSES | You get from us suggestions for Platforms to use for AUTOMATION of your posts (that we use with success) and STRATEGIES to develop your MUSIC BUSINESS and your AUDIENCE fast and secure with significant RESULTS!

Build your career with us!

Tools and useful tips for Artists. Build your career using Social Media like a PRO. All you need to know about Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Periscope and LIVEs. All FREE! Gift included!

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