Osmel Fabre OX released his new album Naked

Posted on 01 October 2017   Artists, Interviews, News
Osmel Fabre OX released his new album Naked, 10.0 out of 10 based on 18 ratings
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I’d like to make this life project realistic, making it a credible and true to live off and for. I would like to live from my art, telling the world the life from my point of view, without pretending to teach but just to share. In the meantime, I try to live the life at fullest, then the things will come by themselves.



Artistic origins

Osmel Fabre, nown as OX. Please tell us a bit about your artistic origins.

Everything about me had to do with art. Since childhood, I have always had a particular artistic sensibility, especially for the image and the sound. At age 14 I started playing classical guitar but after a couple of years I went to the acoustic guitar and the first thing I did was to write a song. It was then that I understood in which direction I wanted to move. Over the course of my life as the author, I wrote more than 300 songs.
Only in a mature age, I started to think about really doing something with my songs that were by that moment the simple acoustic tracks.
So around 2008 I started experimenting with audio software and at the end of 2008, I made a pseudo album, MUSIC FEELINGS. It was in that case that I understood that I liked the entire field of arranging and audio in general, so I went into deep both in composing and purely technical techniques. I started studying my voice and giving it a direction. After 10 years of live experience with another band, The Wizards of Ox, where I was asked to handle two hours of dancing and jumping (doing ska music), the level of control of my performances had definitely improved. Now it was about to give body and character to my style.

Osmel Fabre OX

Osmel Fabre OX

By adding all these things, in 2010 I have arrived at the first album NEW LIFE (self-produced). This album was also a test bench for the compilation part. A kind of concept-album since all the issues discussed in the disc talk about my life between 2009 and 2010. It signed the beginning of a much more structured and directional path that led to 2013 and the release of WHEN THINGS COME EASY, the first album in which the definition of “album” has a much more concrete sense. Most of the songs I played in every part. I’ve arranged the digital batteries one by one. Fortunately for some pieces, I had great music friends who played. At bass Franco Basile, solo guitars, Roberto Giordano and Francesco Giubilo.
After “When Things Come Easy” and an intense promotion on radio and webzine, I immediately started composing and in 2015 I closed myself in the studio “IL PIANO B”, recording some tracks of what I had already decided to call NAKED, considering it immediately, the album that would define my identity.
In August of the same year, I published EP THE JOURNEY, but I had a bad experience with one so-called “label”, so I was standing still for almost a year and a half. But I continued to write. In November of 2016, I handed the record to Giuseppe Di Bono, a Latina guitarist, and producer, with a great musical and compositional experience that took all my pre-production and “straightened” it both harmoniously and stylistically, giving a sense of accomplishment to the work.

Thanks also to the collaboration of very strong musicians, Marco Fiormonti (bass), Gianni Canzanella (bass) and Armando Croce (drums) and Giuseppe Di Bono‘s guitar, the record has taken a decisive step forward, raising the level.
Meanwhile, I’m working with Musical Productions to make a video related to the album.

NAKED, because it is pure

We want to see where you want to go. Can you tell us a bit about the goals you set for yourself?

This album for me is a kind of “self-definition“. That is why it is called NAKED because it is pure, pure my style that I have created and defined in these years. Now I’m aware of my identity and style, so I’m naked, clean.
The goal is clear: to bring my music out of Italy in particular, in search of contact with an English speaking audience. I write engaged texts, and I’d like to know that my songs are clearly understood!


Before the album NAKED there was so much quality music. Let’s get to know you better now. I’m referring to the first album, entitled “Music feelings”, where among other beautiful songs is the “Gabriel’s song”. Already this would suffice to draw attention to you. Tell us a bit about this song, how it was born and about this first album. What year was it? How did you get on these levels of expressiveness and this musical genre?

MUSIC FEELINGS does not have the title at random. These are feelings, feelings. I wanted to put in music what I felt at that moment. Without particular technical skills. It turns out to be a dirty, dirty album but defines the line that led to the current production.
Gabriel’s song is a nun, written specifically for my son, who at that time, 2009, was born recently. I’m very attached to that track, and even when he listens to it today, he’s 9, he still recognizes it. It’s great because when it happens in the playlist we look at each other and for the duration of the track we are silent and listen.

Gabriel’s Song still lives of memories of my two-year classical guitar studies, where a “broken chord” (arpeggio) is still very present, which then, over time, I relegated to small inserts or loops inside the tracks.
Arrange for this expression only by experiencing things deeply and with humility. You can not open your heart and mind if you are beginning to feel “come”. My luck is that I never feel like it. Even today, it’s been a year since I started studying solo guitar, to give something more to my interpretations both composed and performed on stage. You always have to step back and understand that there is always something to learn and someone who knows more than you. This mental state makes you receptive and sensitive, especially in the artistic world. This is my thought.

Osmel Fabre OX

Osmel Fabre OX

Tell us about the other albums, one by one, the way they are born and what they are telling us?

NEW LIFE” is almost a thematic album, a sort of concept album because almost all of the songs had to do with my personal sphere that in those years I lived a strong change. That’s why the title “New Life” because for me it was all new life.
Then came out “WHEN THINGS COME EASY“, a 100% creative album, where every song came out with a unique spontaneity so that the title of the album refers to this. But the title track does not tell the same story. It talks about how people are always ready to point the finger at you and talk behind your back, but if you cultivate your sincere values ​​and relationships is a bit like getting back home and making it all easy.
And finally, we have “NAKED”, the last arrived, which, as I explained, is the crown of my style. NAKED is a much more mature album, both in lyrics and in music. Maybe it’s more of my age. In fact, I have abandoned the search for very high parts to give space to my baritone voice, but also more posed. I was not in a hurry to do it, I took my time, almost three years, but it is also part of my being more adult to take more time for things.

Some songs from albums to be heard

Choose for us a song from each album that best describes it and tell us why it’s important to you and what message does it take to your audience?

Well, apart from MUSIC FEELINGS, which is more experimental and where the track I love most is “Flowers“.

A fully instrumental piece of NEW LIFE, a piece I’m very attached to is “A Brand New Man“, a piece that is the only song I’ve ever translated into Italian with the title UN NUOVO RE. This passage speaks of separation, through the dialogue between two friends, one of whom has just separated. In this dialogue, the friend remembers that we all sooner or later found ourselves in a similar situation but that life does not end. It will have new horizons to look at, a new nest to grow and a new love to love, so he must find strength because he will be a new man.

In WHEN THINGS COME EASY, the song I’m suggesting is “Confessions“, a song for which I also shot the related video. It’s a very strong piece that puts you in front of the reality of things and forces you to confess your mistakes like turning your back on those who needed you, wanting to run at the expense of who you had behind you, or lying to the one you loved. And then you find yourself in the night, facing your demons and fears, without anyone who can help you because you’re alone.

Of this new album, NAKED, I’m particularly tied to “Old Man“, a dialogue between a young man and an old man, where the boy asks how to live a serene life. The old man tells him to play with his children, free the mind from unnecessary things and focus on love and smile at the days because life is running fast even when it’s not difficult. But to live it deeply requires you to follow your dreams and get up when you fall. Then you will live a good life.

Over 300 songs composed … are so many. And you’re not a professional musician. You are not living from your music. Why?

I do not live from my music because until recently I did not even touch the idea. Growing up in a bourgeois family, where the “musician” is not a job (as well as for most of the Italian middle-class culture), I never thought I could do the musician. So I did not even deepen the argument enough to consider the idea of ​​living that way. I am firmly convinced that if you want to do something you have to concentrate on that and over time the results arrive. But if it remains a hobby or even a marginal commitment, it definitely can’t become a job.
Today, however, I am working in that direction, with the aim of making music not only a part of my emotional but also the economic sphere. My difficulties in part are due to the fact that Italy is not the country where the English language is an instrument for communication/expression. Still, too few people know enough English to understand it. Many labels, although they liked the product, asked me if I could write in Italian. Unfortunately, having grown up with only foreign music, I find it almost impossible, even though I have tried it several times.
So beyond my intentions, this is definitely a difficult rock. At the same time, foreign labels favor those who are already in place. Unfortunately, having a son with my ex-wife still small, I could not afford to get away looking for more places in accordance with my music.
I’m working and, meanwhile, we’ll see what time will bring to me.

Osmel Fabre OX

Osmel Fabre OX

What are your dreams?

My dream is to be able to live from my art, photography, video making, but above all from my music.

The family, tell us a bit about your family and if I’m right, your loved ones are part of your music …

My wife is an integral part of my music, because she is often a source of inspiration and because she is also a support, especially when being dejected reigns. My nature is tendentially positive, but when I see that everything goes wrong I fell down very quickly. She is the reason why I still do music despite the punches I’ve taken.
The same goes for my son. Now that he is growing up and begins to appreciate my music, I like the idea of being able to pass him this passion and maybe help him find his way. I’ve helped him try some guitar and now a little drum. Then when he wants to, he finds everything he needs to try and deepen.

Oslem Fabre OX

Osmel Fabre OX

We know you better now, but we’re interested in knowing a bit about your values. What is fundamental to you?

I believe in intellectual honesty and work. If for years I have been considered a dreamer, it is because I have always set goals to reach what to most people have always seemed unmanageable. Instead, when I put my head on something, I become a bull and until I reach it I do not have peace. And I’m constant, like a tractor on a field to plow.
Then I believe in human relationships, in the exchange of good deeds and good words. People who spit poison because of sad envy, I avoid them and move away from me because they are people who suck vital energy to those who like me have so much and who loves to share it.
I believe in the family and its value in human terms.

One question I ask all artists on WebMetropolis. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I can see myself with at least another couple of published albums, and certainly with many more fans than today 🙂


Oslem Fabre OX

Osmel Fabre OX







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