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ROHAN VAN KLOOSTER, for piano and borzois “We are all one. People are interconnected by invisible forces. Although we have the freedom to think and act, we stick together, like stars on the heavenly arc, with unbreakable connections.” Nikola Tesla This interview is closing one very important life path and at the same time is opening another, new one. It’s the celebration of the 15 years of work with artists, presenting their art to the world, first through traditional media and now using Social Media. That’s why this, 15th interview, that will appear in the first number of WebMetropolis Magazine, couldn’t be simple, and couldn’t be ordinary, but special, different and unique, as the artist I’m going to present you now.  All started with Borzois We had something in common even before we met! And as life usually opens the perspectives that are invisible, it is necessary to read “the signs” along the road, to understand how “coincidences” and “synchronicity” in Universe are working and to be able to see them acting in everyday life. All started with BORZOIS… Borzois are something that happens to the fortunate people… as I am, and the artist, composer, Rohan Van Klooster. Very happy to talk to you Rohan, and welcome! Borzois made possible for me to know you and your music, so permit me to start this interview talking about them first, what I’m sure won’t be hard for you. And for a good reason. It’s called “Ballade nr.1. Feel free to start wherever you want to tell us the story about this composition and how it’s born.  A very long time ago, I think I was about eleven years old, my sister had her own practice in dog-grooming and there was on the wall a poster with all dog breeds of the world on it. Somewhere on the lower part was the photo of a Borzoi, and that intrigued me. He was red coated. I know for sure, it never left my mind. Many years later when I had my first job in the National Ballet Orchestra in Amsterdam I bought a house in Haarlem. Now I had some money, a house with a small garden, I started thinking about my Borzoi dream in a more practical way. I went to the Winner in Amsterdam where I met Jo Heller. After a long day talking and listening she invited me to her House in Hillegom, but she told me that she would never sell me a Hound……. When I entered the House, out of the blue there where suddenly four big black Borzois which almost worked me out of the door into the street again. But I managed to stay inside. That was a glorious moment. After a very pleasant afternoon, Jo told me again that she wouldn’t sell me a Hound. In 1978 I was the proud companion of my first Borzoi, Vorenoff Oljushka, daughter of the famous Vorenoff Nicolaï ( who I met in Hillegom) and Vorenoff Marjushka. More Vorenoff’s followed including the great King’s Ransom. After we...

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Yi Chul Hee in the Tubeland http://www.webmetropolis.org/yi-chul-hee-in-tubeland/ Mon, 06 Nov 2017 22:14:30 +0000 http://www.webmetropolis.org/?p=8705

Art Life in the Land of Tubes Yi Chul Hee, the artist who is dreaming about his own Tubeland, an arts village, and an arts theme park, who doesn’t want to be there just as a sculptor, but as an artist that develops new landmarks, new urban brands, or even creates theme parks like large pipe lands, is actually one of the most interesting contemporary sculptors today. In this interview, we will try to know him better. Yi Chul Hee, you are the artist that is very easy to present as a sculpture, but it is not enough to define you. So, please let’s start together this journey in discovery of your art. How did you start? Are you born in an artistic family or you are the first one? Tell us how you discovered your “sculptor vein”? I was born in a humble family, but I think we were a fairly artistic family. There was no one famous in it, but we all drew well. In my childhood, I was a student that had no inclination towards study or art. I have started doing art in high school through the invitation of a friend. From the very first day, my artistic skills improved rapidly and I became confident as I was encouraged and receive praise from the people around me. In fact, this remains a source of my confidence to this day. You have studied to become the artist. It was first Kyng Hee University and after that Hong Ik University. What University gave the most to your artistic profile? I first started out as a painter dreaming to be an artist like Picasso or Michelangelo. I think I got some help in finding artistic direction from the college or my professors, but it was not that much. I think that I am a hardworking person who explores and finds its own way. You have made your first group exhibition in 1983. Tell us more about your beginnings, was it hard? Who or what inspired your artistic path? I graduated in 1983. I wanted to become an artist soon, so I remember participating in the exhibition. I studied contemporary art at the university, and I was inspired by Jackson Pollock, Sam Francis, David Hockney, David Salle and minimalism. Your first solo exhibition was in 1989. What do you think about it now? Did you get the press coverage at that time? Did you sell your sculptures? The 1989 exhibition was my first solo exhibition. At the time, I was so motivated that I remember making the thickest catalog possible containing every minute detail. At that time, I exhibited both two- and three-dimensional work, which I think was the beginning of my path to sculpture. It was a time in my life where I had overflowing energy, and I directed it all towards becoming an artist. It cost me a lot of money for the exhibition but I got some sales. It was an exhibition that many people were interested in. First Gallery invitation arrived...

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Osmel Fabre OX released his new album Naked http://www.webmetropolis.org/osmel-fabre-ox-released-his-new-album-naked/ Sun, 01 Oct 2017 21:54:42 +0000 http://www.webmetropolis.org/?p=8685

OSMEL FABRE OX NAKED I’d like to make this life project realistic, making it a credible and true to live off and for. I would like to live from my art, telling the world the life from my point of view, without pretending to teach but just to share. In the meantime, I try to live the life at fullest, then the things will come by themselves. Artistic origins Osmel Fabre, nown as OX. Please tell us a bit about your artistic origins. Everything about me had to do with art. Since childhood, I have always had a particular artistic sensibility, especially for the image and the sound. At age 14 I started playing classical guitar but after a couple of years I went to the acoustic guitar and the first thing I did was to write a song. It was then that I understood in which direction I wanted to move. Over the course of my life as the author, I wrote more than 300 songs. Only in a mature age, I started to think about really doing something with my songs that were by that moment the simple acoustic tracks. So around 2008 I started experimenting with audio software and at the end of 2008, I made a pseudo album, MUSIC FEELINGS. It was in that case that I understood that I liked the entire field of arranging and audio in general, so I went into deep both in composing and purely technical techniques. I started studying my voice and giving it a direction. After 10 years of live experience with another band, The Wizards of Ox, where I was asked to handle two hours of dancing and jumping (doing ska music), the level of control of my performances had definitely improved. Now it was about to give body and character to my style. By adding all these things, in 2010 I have arrived at the first album NEW LIFE (self-produced). This album was also a test bench for the compilation part. A kind of concept-album since all the issues discussed in the disc talk about my life between 2009 and 2010. It signed the beginning of a much more structured and directional path that led to 2013 and the release of WHEN THINGS COME EASY, the first album in which the definition of “album” has a much more concrete sense. Most of the songs I played in every part. I’ve arranged the digital batteries one by one. Fortunately for some pieces, I had great music friends who played. At bass Franco Basile, solo guitars, Roberto Giordano and Francesco Giubilo. After “When Things Come Easy” and an intense promotion on radio and webzine, I immediately started composing and in 2015 I closed myself in the studio “IL PIANO B”, recording some tracks of what I had already decided to call NAKED, considering it immediately, the album that would define my identity. In August of the same year, I published EP THE JOURNEY, but I had a bad experience...

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Rain Delay released Selenophilia CD http://www.webmetropolis.org/rain-delay-released-selenophilia-cd/ Mon, 26 Jun 2017 03:04:20 +0000 http://www.webmetropolis.org/?p=8653

RAIN DELAY, Selenophilia is on CD now RAIN DELAY is the metal band from Belgrade, Serbia, with five albums released by now. The latest album, Selenophilia, is the third and the last part of the trilogy, started with SLUMBER RECON, released in 2011, the second was OF BLOOD-RED and GOLD, released in 2015, and SELENOPHILIA, released in 2016. We have decided for this interesting journey together after listening to their first three albums, discovering their incredible quality compared even to the world’s metal scene and its high standards. We were convinced that very same moment how this band, founded and guided by Dusan Pesic (songwriter, singer and guitarist), may sign the best pages of metal music (progressive/ doom/ death metal) in general. Yes, we have placed a great trust in them, but the three albums of the trilogy, that are in front of your eyes (see the links below the video), will confirm also your great expectations. The last two albums are released for WebMetropolis Records, our label situated in Milan, Italy. Your SELENOPHILIA CD All of you who manage to get SELENOPHILIA in CD or in Digital become eligible for merchandise gifts: caps, T-shirts and different other gadgets that we are preparing for the faithful fans of RAIN DELAY. How to order: Just insert your name and email clicking on the button and we will send you the mail with the instructions based on your country. Simple as that! Send me the Instructions! RAIN DELAY, Dorcol Late Recon (Official Video) The best way to enter into the spirit of this album is to start from the song “Dorćol Late Recon” (here is the Official Video), the 4th track of the album. If you want to know more about the album SELENOPHILIA, feel free to read the nice article written by Nebojša Lakić for the SERBIAN METAL portal. “Songs are generally characterized by a dreamy, “night” atmosphere, fierce death / doom parts shifting with acoustic, gentle passages, and this is what Rain Delay has mastered for years and which is undoubtedly the main feature and trademark of this group. The songs are also melodious in the strongest moments, and each of them is mature, diverse and carefully elaborated to the smallest detail.” Nebojša Lakić for the SERBIAN METAL portal. The Trilogy On Bandcamp, you can find all five albums of RAIN DELAY. The last album is a part of the trilogy composed of: SLUMBER RECON – free download – (7/7/2011), OF BLOOD-RED AND GOLD (14/2/2015) and SELENOPHILIA (1/10/2016). Your SELENOPHILIA in Digital While the physical album you can touch and keep in your hands, read the “libretto”, and preserve it in your collection, the digital album is totally another story. However, the comfort plays an important role in case you prefer to have your favorite music “in your pocket”. SELENOPHILIA by Rain Delay Your SELENOPHILIA in digital If you prefer SELENOPHILIA in DIGITAL, please  CLICK on the IMAGE to get the album now. Remember that you become eligible for RAIN DELAY’s merchandise gifts with digital edition too! Don’r...

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Cristoforo in China presented album Essential http://www.webmetropolis.org/cristoforo-in-china-presented-album-essential/ Thu, 23 Feb 2017 13:12:45 +0000 http://www.webmetropolis.org/?p=8608

Cristoforo Nania in Bejing presented his new album “Essential” What’s the best way to introduce your new album, if not in the city you love,  where you return often? For Cristoforo Nania this city is Beijing. The occasion was Bob Marley day, where he presented his second album “ESSENTIAL” (Essenziale) with 8 new songs. Exactly four years after his first album, “About the sea, dream and love”, the Sicilian singer and sogwriter turns back to the stage and his public. And he is here to stay! Cris will release his fourth album in the autumn of this year!  Bob Marley Day The video you are watching now will tell you about the incredible atmosphere Cris found in Beijing. The audio is not the best. Anyway, it gives the idea about this important stage. And the wonderful public that welcomed enthusiastically Cris and One Drop band. As you can see and hear, Cris got a huge applause for his “Vorrei ma” song. Great success! Event organised by Jackson Turner Bob Marley day in Beijing become a tradition with 17 years of history. The event was originally organised by Ethiopian DJ, Samuel Ahadu, the founder of music company “Ultimate Productions“. He had a valuable help in his friends Sinvula Sikopo and Paco Buika. The great support arrives from Jamaican embassy. Now, this event is the biggest reggae party in China. The international community participates in a large number. This year the event was organised by Jackson Turner and his company “No Play Concepts“. Artists This year the lineup is different in performer and genre. This year artists: MC WEBER (China), Fila Kila (Chicago), Rawhx (Zambia), Ultimate Band Crew (Cameroon and France), One Drop Band (international reggae band based in Beijing) and Cristoforo Nania (Italy). Foto credits: DUOZZY PRODUCTION WHERE TO CONNECT WITH CRISTOFORO NANIA Album ESENZIALE - https://cristoforo.bandcamp.com/album... Cris on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CristoforoNa... Cris on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cristoforo_It

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Essenziale by Cristoforo Nania http://www.webmetropolis.org/essenziale-by-cristoforo-nania/ Wed, 25 Jan 2017 12:45:31 +0000 http://www.webmetropolis.org/?p=8581

ESSENZIALE WEBMETROPOLIS RECORDS is happy to announce our first Album Release in 2017: ESSENZIALE by CRISTOFORO NANIA 8 songs composed by Cristoforo Nania, with the participation of the artists: Bass and electric guitar: Jorghe Blengino Acoustic guitar and keyboards: Vincent Migliorisi Acoustic guitar: Emilio Assenza Drums: Pino Salinitro CRISTOFORO, poet and sailor Cristoforo Nania made one beautiful album, full of grace and joy. “ESSENZIALE” is something we needed in these times. He is a storyteller musician, who takes us on this fantastic journey of his life, covering the events from the last 30 years in 8 songs: Your eyes, I’d like but, Peace of mind, Moments, Song for you, Migrate, Exode, It’s you always. He has worked with a group of great musicians from Italy and abroad. Let’s listen to his second Italian album, in exclusive for WebMETROPOLIS Records. Essenziale by Cristoforo Nania Storyteller on Tour Cristoforo Nania in 2017 will be on Tour to present his new album! Not many European artists can praise the stage in Beijing, China, like Cristoforo! And this is just the beginning! Cristoforo flies to Beijing on 26.01.2017. and will remain on the road for 15 days. We’ll follow him for you, through photo and video as this event deserves to be remembered.

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WebMetropolis Calendar 2017 http://www.webmetropolis.org/webmetropolis-calendar-2017/ Wed, 18 Jan 2017 02:44:22 +0000 http://www.webmetropolis.org/?p=8554

With this Calendar WebMetropolis wishes to all the Artists and our readers one Successful and Happy 2017! This is is our small gift to thank you all for sharing our passion. Feel free to save, print, and share the Calendar with your friends.   January 2017 – WebMetropolis | Artists’ Success Guide “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” – Aristotle   February 2017 – Dusan Pesic | Frontman and founder of Rain Delay   March 2017 – XENA | Writer, actress and model   April 2017 – Frank P. Seidl | Alchemist artist   May 2017 – Daniele Rizzi | Musician and writer   June 2017 – Flo Li | Painter and photographer   July 2017 – Shayma Aziz | Visual artist   August 2017 – Cristoforo Nania | Singer and songwriter   September 2017 – Ivan Pavic | Painter   October 2017 – Daniele Rizzi | Singer and songwriter   November 2017 – Rain Delay | “Dorcol Late Recon” from the album Selenophilia   December 2017 – Cristoforo Nania | Bluesman

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Top 5 solutions to build your website for free http://www.webmetropolis.org/top-5-solutions-to-build-your-website-for-free/ Sun, 15 Jan 2017 22:56:10 +0000 http://www.webmetropolis.org/?p=8451 What is the website and why artists need it? If you want to be successful and make living of what you do, you don’t need necessarily to go on the big TVs or shows. It could help, but it’s not a privileged way anymore. Instead, you need a website to start and you can build it for FREE! To start your Success Journey you need a website! What is the website? A website is a collection of related web pages, including multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server. Websites can be the work of an individual, a business or other organisation, and are typically dedicated to a particular topic or purpose, ranging from entertainment and social networking to providing news and education. A lot of musicians find the idea of building a website discouraging. It seems difficult and expensive, and often (especially young) artists do not consider it necessary. Is it necessary? In one word: YES! Make it simple A great number of artists make it hard because they forget that simplicity is key. And you need to start from the END! “The real success of your website comes down to the business goals you want to accomplish with it, not what’s in it or how it’s made. If the focus is too much on the billing component, we tend to lose focus of why we are building the sites — ROI, amazing work, reaching and surpassing business goals.” Ilya Pozin (contributor to Forbes) Your website exists to do four things: Number one: This is where people identify who you are. Number two: You gain credibility. Number three: Help you engage with the public and make new fans. Number four: Make you money. First impressions count On social media, the huge amount of business and growth takes place, but you need a website to point to if you want to impress the big players and your public. Website represents the personal identity of artists = I’m unique Social accounts represent the social identity = I’m a part of a group, the identity is multiple The website can be made using the dozens of languages, platforms, and systems. We will focus on FIVE solutions to build your site for FREE. Because if you are starting your artistic business online, to building your first website could be not only exciting but also incredibly useful as you will learn what is it that counts and where to place your focus if you want to grow your business. The five solutions are all different in order cover the most different needs artists may have. Choose the one that suits you best… 1. Strikingly | Make your impression online One of the easiest editors you can find to build your website. We have one site built with Strikingly. What you get: >> Build your website with STRIKINGLY. 2. Weebly | Do what you love Weebly has beautiful themes. You can build and run your business from your mobile device. What you get: >>  Build your...

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Essential by Cristoforo Nania http://www.webmetropolis.org/essential-cristoforo-nania/ Mon, 31 Oct 2016 21:17:54 +0000 http://www.webmetropolis.org/?p=8226

Cristoforo Nania announced the arrival of his second album “ESSENTIAL” WebMetropolis has a great pleasure to announce the release of the second album, “ESSENTIAL”, of the Sicilian singer and songwriter Cristoforo Nania, who after years from the first album “… of the sea, dreams, love …” is signing his new music work, which he will personally present now to our public. Hello everyone, it’s nice to be here. My second CD is entitled “Essential“, as it is very different from the first even if the music is the same. The first CD was much Band oriented, with more elaborate arrangements, while this new album, is very dry, with a few instruments. The voice and the story are the most important here. In this album there are nine songs, some are taken from the collection of writings already “existing” and others are developed recently. As with the previous, the narration is not different. The style is the singer’s style, or the storyteller’s, to tell simple things, stories and emotions I have experienced or listen to and processed by listening to others’ stories that have moved my soul. Can you tell us how did this album is born and why did you wait so long, as in so many, who loved songs like “Sailing”, “You know Sicily”, “The broken mirror” and others, have asked us why you don’t have new songs. Now, here we are. Tell us a bit ‘of the themes that have made sing your heart again. In this CD, songs are ranging from self-ironic, to an intimate and emotional history, to remember the love that I had, to issues affecting social. So it reflects a bit of everything around me. This album will be released by WebMetropolis Records and the song “I wish But” will be released in these days. What this song is about? Yes, that’s right. This song is cheerful, catchy, the refrain remains in your head and the words are absolutely simple. Practically I tease everyone, ironically, especially myself, telling myself in those three minutes. Who has collaborated on this album and if they are all new artists or some old remained, besides you and your guitar? New album, new musicians. I was lucky to find a series of good musicians chosen ad hoc, to give a musical character purposely different from the first, to make it interesting to the ears of those who listen to it. The album will be released shortly and we’ll see for a more in-depth interview, where we will present the entire album and listen it together with the public! Surely! Thank you Val. A hug to all and good music.

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Xena, modern Goddess http://www.webmetropolis.org/xena-modern-goddess/ Tue, 25 Oct 2016 23:35:22 +0000 http://www.webmetropolis.org/?p=8104

XENA DIVINE Being known to the large audience as a muse of the famous photographer Helmut Newton, could be the life achievement for anybody. When talking about Xena, it’s just an important part of her rich career, as it is her work on the film. I’ll cite some: “Nirvana”, Gabriele Salvatores, “For happiness you need three”, R. Grlic, “Hot afternoon”, M. Sesardic, “Macolata Conceptio”, where Xena was the director. She worked with: Solima, D. Risi, M. Ferreri, C. Ferrario, among the others. Then comes the theater, radio & TV, video. Another important part belongs to the fashion industry, where she worked as the top model for Alexander McQueen, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Miyake, Versace, but she also had her own fashion house “Hermetika” in Milan, Italy, where she still lives. This is just to give you the idea about the personality you’ll get to know better. Thanks to our long friendship I was able to ask her things you probably don’t know. The way she answered, represents her too. This explains why we’ve made this interview talking in Serbian, Croatian, Italian, and English. For the convenience, I’ve left it in English and somewhere in Croatian, to show you how cryptic she was when talking in her language, “knitting” the words I’ve used into new meanings she was giving, playing then in Italian, or being serious in English… She simply lives her art, whether it’s her body expression, the embodiment of words, sounds, or tone volumes, it’s always a Life Energy she’s giving as a modern Goddess, creator of future worlds, bringing the meanings from the invisible into visible world, physical dimension, and the senses of other people, to give them one new, different re-birth.  IDENTITY CARD XENA BEAUTIFUL I would like if we can show the people your personal side because the artists rarely turn it to the public. I’ll take advantage of our friendship to talk not only about your incredible career but more about you through your private life, the side that is not available to the public, but it’s visible in your art. You as a child. How do you remember yourself? Where did you live? What is the first image you remember? Which flavors, colors, characters, silence you remember? Let’s go back to your childhood and follow your steps towards your glory.  Tide, low tide, dream and reality, plunging and rising. Here, I turn to the right, at the white cypress, I have not slept. Streight to the well of Mnemosyne*, a try to remember the life, especially my life. (*The goddess of memory, mother of the Muses) Childhood, throat watching, openly. This is the non-age, the body is small, eternally hungry, sleeping in the open air; the figure of the Greek god Eros, of wild forces. Childhood didn’t live me, I did not ask the condo-lenses; I lived some über-life bastard combination of existing and non-existent. All, filled with emptiness. Eternally evaporate mysterious fumes at Delphi, the navel of the world, while prophetess Pythia vaguely answers. I live with unsolicited non-acquaintance, the apparent knowledge of the...

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Selenophilia, the six new songs http://www.webmetropolis.org/selenophilia-the-six-new-songs/ Mon, 17 Oct 2016 20:04:50 +0000 http://www.webmetropolis.org/?p=8097

Selenophilia, the six new songs The album SELENOPHILIA is LIVE on WebMETROPOLIS YouTube channel. Here you have the playlist with all six songs. Enjoy and feel free to share the one you like the most! LYRICS of SELENOPHILIA While listening songs, you can follow the lyrics from subtitles or if you prefer reading the entire text, here you have them listed. Contact Info Visit: Rain Delay Facebook page Connect: Rain Delay on Twitter Interview by: Valerija Brkljac

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Flo Li, born Artist http://www.webmetropolis.org/flo-li-born-artist/ Tue, 11 Oct 2016 19:30:08 +0000 http://www.webmetropolis.org/?p=7954

Born in the Academy of Fine Arts Heart of a Child Flo Li, you are the artist. Please, let us know about your first steps in art. I’m sure the beginning must be very deep in the past because I saw your new photography series and I can even catch the “energy” coming out of them. But, please take us first to the beginning of your art journey. I was born in the Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, China, 1978. My mother was the academy accountant who was in charge of passing out payroll while finishing up her own degree in Visual Arts. According to my mother, because of her busy schedule, she took me to work and to some of her art classes when I was just one and a half years old. To keep me occupied, she would always bring colored pencils, markers, and a stack of scrap paper for me to draw on. When the academy professors come in to pick up their paychecks for the month, while waiting in line, each of them would draw with me on my scrap paper and sometimes even hold my hand to teach me how to draw. When I was about three years old, I started attending the academy childcare. The head nanny took all of the children to art exhibitions regularly. My mother said I would come home and always be excited to tell her that I saw fat naked foreigners, strange looking sculptures, and splashes of colors with no shapes. I remember months before my sixth birthday, my Godmother – who lived next door since I was an infant, brought a fancy large notebook for me to draw in. She asked my mother never to restrict me in my unique expression, and have me draw whatever I wanted and however, I wanted to. I filled up the notebook quickly and my Godmother would always give me a new fancy notebook to trade for my old used one.   The Notebook for Drawings When I turned 25, Godmother gave me back my first notebook, which Godfather named “Heart of Child”. Thinking about how they had kept my childhood drawings all these years is very touching. Flo Li’s parents and the role of her Godmother Tell us about your family and the place you lived during childhood. Who influenced you the most? Your mother? Your father? We lived partly on the campus of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts (西安美术学院) where my mother worked, and partly in the Xi’an Conservatory of Music (西安音乐学) where my father was the choir and orchestra conductor. Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts was in the countryside back then. My grandmother would take me to the river beyond the cornfields to listen to the frogs at night while counting stars. My father would take me to the river during summer time to get suntanned and learn how to swim. My mother would take me hiking up to the mountain behind our home whenever she could get off work...

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Interview with Dusan Pesic http://www.webmetropolis.org/interview-with-dusan-pesic/ Tue, 04 Oct 2016 21:37:57 +0000 http://www.webmetropolis.org/?p=7921

SELENOPHILIA, the 5th album of RAIN DELAY, released Interview with Dusan Pesic, the leader of the Belgrade-based Venetian metal band Rain Delay, that released its 5th studio album, Selenophilia. The six songs of this new album are giving the final touch to the wonderful project, the trilogy, together with Slumber Recon, released in 2011, and Of Blood-Red and Gold, released in 2015. In the interview Dusan Pesic is telling us about the five albums, sings some parts and announces the concert which will be held in Belgrade the 9th of October, at 21:30, in ELECTRO PIONIR CLUB. The interview made via Periscope the 1st of October 2016. Contact Info Visit: Rain Delay Facebook page Connect: Rain Delay on Twitter Interview by: Valerija Brkljac

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Ivan Pavic, exhibition “The Jade Rabbit” http://www.webmetropolis.org/ivan-pavic-exhibition-the-jade-rabbit/ Thu, 22 Sep 2016 18:43:29 +0000 http://www.webmetropolis.org/?p=7892

Ivan Pavic, painter and The Jade Rabbit, exhibition IVAN PAVIC – WebMetropolis brings you the story about the painter Ivan Pavic and his latest exhibition “Jade Rabbit”, which was held in the house of Djura Jaksic, Skadarlija, one of the most interesting and the oldest streets in Belgrade. The story is told by the author. We wanted to share with you this event, so we have made photos and asked the author, Ivan Pavic, to describe in his own words each painting individually. Paintings are described in Serbian language in video, but below the video you have the English translation. *Music that accompanies the exhibition video is the song “Veneto Slumber Recon“, from the album “Slumber Recon” of Belgrade’s band RAIN DELAY. About the “Jade Rabbit” 0:00 – Exhibition “Jade Rabbit”, which is named after the same name painting, is a kind of retrospective of works on paper-made pastels, inks and a combined technique, whose motive is a full moon and what is “seen” on it – a rabbit jumps into the flames, actually one of the Buddha’s previous incarnation, then head of Šarac, the horse of prince Marko and Cain killing Abel, according to Serbian folk beliefs. Two conifers and the moon 0:25 – Painting made on pastel blue velour paper, inspired by Serbian folk belief that the full moon seen the head of Šarac, the horse of prince Marko. In this piece, as more or less in all the other works in this series, the actual color of the painting is the color of the paper. The sky above Belgrade in spring 1999 0:45 – Painting made on pastel blue velour paper, during the NATO bombing, where, in addition to the full moon motifs showing a rabbit jumps in flames and the elements of night landscapes, you can see also the air defense activities (PVO). Moon over the hill 1:06 – This represents a pastel scene deeply into the twilight with a cobalt blue sky, still big and orange moon and already quite dark mountain peaks. Kingdom of the heavens (discos) 1:26 – Drawing done in a combined technique with a central motif of the discus or the Logos (word of God), that is three concentric disc rotating in opposite directions, taken from the Serbian medieval painting. Kingdom of Heaven – Moon 1:46 – Drawing done in a combined technique with concentric play four areas of the world according to early Christian beliefs and recorded in Mesopotamia, India, China and some other Asian areas. Those areas, which are, for example, presented in a mosaic of Hercules are: Water world with its inhabitants, the Earth with animals in the struggle for life, Heaven with animals that are resting and the Kingdom of Heaven with the often non-icon representation of the Deity. In this paper presents the reduced area of land, but with the color of spilled blood. Heaven is also presented reduced, with two trees. The fourth area of the Empire of Heaven represents the full moon. Two white...

L'articolo Ivan Pavic, exhibition “The Jade Rabbit” sembra essere il primo su WebMetropolis.